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Over The Top: WWI alpha Playtest!



We are excited to announce that the first public alpha Playtest for Over The Top: WWI will be in exactly seven days, from the 13th till 14th April 2024!

As previously announced we are looking to host a couple of public Playtests prior to release of Over The Top: WWI, so that we can find bugs, get feedback and tweak gameplay well ahead of the official release.

The first alpha Playtest for Over The Top: WWI will start on Saturday the 13th April at 16:00 CET and will end on the 15th April at 06:00 CET.

Please keep in mind that the game is still in alpha and a number of features have not yet been implemented. There will be bugs and performance issues as well unfinished gameplay.
The Playtest will be multiplayer only. We will be hosting a small selection of different maps to evaluate performance and gameplay.

If you are interested in participating in the Playtest, you can register for it from our Steam Store Page. Once registered, you will be notified once the Playtest starts.

Thank you! We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield very soon!
/Flying Squirrel Entertainment


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