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The Issue with Corrupt Admins in NW
For a long time now, ever since the NW community has seen a steady decline in attendance to events (especially the more popular weekend events), there has been an ever present problem with each and every event that I attend. The admins. It's very clear what the problem is. The admins come from the same regiments, groups, clans, or whatever you want to call them, and show no sign of giving up their spot. For as long as I can remember since I joined the community, the same prominent admins have been running everything: Crusader and GinjaJosh (2ndHan), NickyJ and Jetch (LIR), Jazz (1KL), Moraine (idfk anymore), and Shrooms  (idk this one either). Every single event it seems to start with the same issue: late starts and terrible team balance. I have seen plenty of events in the past month where there was a "skill balance" excuse put in place to cover everything up. Really? Putting the 61e, 2ndHan, LIR, and RSL on the same team is a skill balance. Fuck no it ain't. It's definitely not those exact regiments on the same team every time, but you get the just of what I'm saying. Stacking all the bigger, and, arguably somewhat skilled/veteran groups on one team is not a "skill balance". The admins clearly only want to stack their own regiment on a team that they feel like has the greatest chance of winning. Which brings me to my next topic: specialties. Holy fuck y'all got the same specs for the same regiments almost every single night like what the hell? It's almost as if some of these groups forgot how to play line for an entire event. Don't forget, the ones who usually get the specs like to break the rules for the limits as well, and don't really have any rush to correct their mistake. That shit gets really old, really fast.

To give everyone an idea, here are the regiments that admin events (to the best of my knowledge):

61e (sometimes)
1KL (sometimes)
6te (rarely)
And whatever regiment Shrooms is with

And the regiments that don't:

KLB (for the most part)
RSL (rarely)
HMS Pickle
And some other stragglers I can't remember

Does anyone else not see the issue? It's the same regiments every time. It's not that people don't volunteer to admin either, there have been plenty attemps (failed, clearly) to try and get some new regiments to provide admins to make things more fair. Those attempts were few and far between because of the ignorance of the people we were trying to talk to. You can rarely get a response from an admin nowadays when it comes to an issue that you have - unless you're a part of their regiment or a close friend.

Another issue, regarding the bias, is the mistreatment of those regiments that have not had an opportunity to admin yet before. Sure, some regiments may troll. That's a given. Some regiments may not act appropriately during events, but that's not the point. The point is that when someone breaks the rules against these regiments, if it's not in broad fucking daylight or on all charge when everyone is watching, nothing will be done about it. I can't really say how many times I've gone to an admin, whether it be through teamspeak or steam, about someone breaking the rules, and I either get no response from them, or they just "didn't see it" or "it's too late now". What the fuck? I can't tell you how quickly I've seen people get slayed for breaking the rules when it happens to one of the regiments that the admin is a part of. And then their player gets revived. Which, is another issue. The fucking respawning and reviving. God forbid someone is FOC'd or FOL'd and is not revived if they're a part of the admins regiment. The last time I saw that happen and they WEREN'T revived, I saw a unicorn shit a leprechaun at the edge of the flat earth.

And my last sweet, sweet surprise for everyone: corruption. It's not even funny. I just wanted to do this so I could see if it would actually work, but it did and I just couldn't keep it from anyone when I was bringing this issue into the spotlight.

Here it is:

What the fuck dude like come on. Like is this really a thing now? That's what admins are about these days? That's just shameful y'all. Taking bribes for specs? Like come on now. This is just ridiculous at this stage. This is why our community is so toxic. These are the issues that we, as a whole, need to confront. We need to address the issues and find a way to fix them as soon as possible in order to make these events more fun and enjoyable for EVERYONE, not just for a handful of regiments. Let's get new admins, have them switch out. Let's not just fucking ban an ENTIRE REGIMENT from an event, and not give a reason. This community, even though the NA side is noticeably smaller than it was a year or two years ago, still has potential. There's still room for growth and improvement in these events, we just need to make that change happen.

If you want to message me on steam, feel free to add me. I'd appreciate an open forum on this and what we can do to fix it.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk, see you fucks later.


EDIT: Also you're an admin in my event.

EDIT #2: YES I give him permission to post a screenshot of our steam conversation. If you delete it people will just think we're "censoring the truth" or some shit. My response is as much as I'll put in to this useless thread. Refer to Stryker's 14th point as my response to anything more.

i mean, regardless of the context, the meaning is still there

Ginga Josh:
you were banned Wednesday because you couldn't control your regiment from TKing each other lol

This is just my little chip in this. I get where you're coming from but at the same time admining hasn't changed much over the past four years. No admin is perfect, they literally can't see everything that goes on and can't see every single line that may FOC especially if there's only one or two admins in spec, Yes they will see some and slay right away but dude come on lay off it.
About specs it was obvious that Nachtel was joking, also every regiment that gets specs sign-up on the thread. They're the first to post that's nothing new.

Also the current admins are admins and hosters because they've done it the longest and have the most experience hosting weekly events. If you message them with people in mind to start admining they'll accept. I offered new people to join and some did, they just didn't stick with it.


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