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Taking a break for a while

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Hi there i`m sure many of you who see me on servers know i`ve changed

unfortunatly i still have haters and haters will remain haters
it seems every thread ive made theyve de-railed it with `ban emma the troll`

so i have decided to stop making threads for the moment

the haters havent won, i`m just not giving them a platform to stand on and make their bitter crappy lives feel a bit better by slagging me off

many, and i mean almost all the regulars have seen i am a changed woman

thank you to the wonderful developers of this game, to the 84e admin who gave me a chance, and to all the wonderful moderators, this community means the world to me

ta-ta for now, emma

No need to take a break, just stop making the bloody stupid threads and either make a relevant one or just comment on others

Like Jacob said. Stop making the threads, at least in my eyes it seems like you are trolling or at least trying to. Just my opinion.

I'm going to miss you <3

Well, it's not much, but at least it's peace for now.


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