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"Why was this member banned/unbanned?"-thread

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Though I originally decided not to get a thread like this, today I banned a member and I realized that making a small public announcement about it would actually be a good thing. So, I changed my mind and created this thread. It's to be used only by me or other moderators to explain why members were (temporarily) banned. Mutes and warnings will not be posted here.

StevenChilton is banned for 60 days for making a special thread in the Off-topic section to spoil the new Star Wars movie. I'm not a Star Wars fan myself, but I know and understand people for who it means a great deal. This was a deliberate attempt to ruin the enjoyment of other users, and we simply don't need members who do that.

Ody is unbanned after serving a punishment lasting from March 31, 2015 to December 29 of December, 2015.

Stark99 is banned for 30 days for PM'ing a fellow user that he found it good to hear the user's relatives were murdered.

This kind of "Tough guy' behavior will not be accepted.

Barraclough is unbanned after serving a punishment lasting from 22 November, 2014 to 13 January, 2016.


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