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Late night debate on 92nd ts every Wednesday confirmed?

No worries I will find something to complain about again and then we can have an other 3 hours of debate xd

Late night debate on 92nd ts every Wednesday confirmed?

The Mess Hall / Re: Gibby & Herishey's All Time NW List(s)
« on: May 27, 2020, 10:10:22 am »
Playing after 5 years I have to say that the general level now is miles better than in the start. In 2010-2012 most people couldn't even block if you changed from overhead to stab. And all those native players had a lot of fun with swords.

Where is my tier 1 man?

Also where is Legendary Assassin Gunzo mentioned?

So apparently onedrive was messing up everything. I had 2 different documents files and all the games except warband where saving the necessary stuff there. Unistalled onedrive and moved the files to the proper position and it's running again.

This is wierd, normally you should have a warband folder in your documents folder. Hopefully this fixes it.

Try this:

1. Uninstall game in Steam
2. After you have done that, delete the Mount and Blade Warband folder in Steamapps - Common.

You might have to re-download every mod that you are playing though.

No worries, I have no mods. I did all that multiple time even used this command "steam://flushconfig". There is no solution in the internet i haven't checked or tried. I am actually thinking of deleting steam right now.

restart pc

Even this supreme trick is not working.

Maybe it's that since the rgl_config is basically the launcher settings and the ingame settings.

Is there a way to download this file and everything i might need for the document folder?

Did you uninstall the game by uninstall from Steam and then go to the main directory of Warband > Modules and deleted the Napoleonic Wars file? Or did you just uninstall and install again by only Steam?

All by steam.

Nvidia or AMD?


I tried to find the rgl_config but apparently there is no Warband file in my documents. Not sure if this has to do with it.

Do you get an error message? I got this a while back too.

No I don't, the game runs and shuts down before I even have the option to pick Native or NW.


So every time I try to start the game through steam it crashes immediately without even giving me the option to open the launcher and pick Native/NW. I uninstalled and downloaded the game 2-3 times. Verified the files but still nothing. Try to run the launcher with administrator and still the game is not responding. Anyone know what can I do to fix it?

Regiments / Re: 21o Sacred Band [EU] ~Recruiting~
« on: June 11, 2015, 04:05:12 pm »

Off Topic / Re: Game of Thrones thread (USE SPOILERS)
« on: May 04, 2015, 12:10:28 pm »
After watching the Ep5. preview (Finally)

Barristan actually dead... I heard they did so to get Jorah back and take over Barristan's story line. Pretty silly decision IMO, Jorah IMO is a silly person failing at life, while Barristan had his reputation and... now he actually got killed by a bunch of peasants. Fu Dany :(

Stannis the Mannis on the march tho

In the book if I am not wrong he is still alive.

Μονο μην το οργανωσει παλι η πουτανας κορη. Ιωαννη να ερθω εγω?

Regiments / Re: Les Gardes Suisses [EU] [New Thread]
« on: April 29, 2015, 02:42:17 pm »
mmm... aleko is tempted  :P

Indeed, i played as inv yesterday with 4e arty... my skills were somewhat rusty but indeed i fell tempted for a moment ;)
Excuses you deserve ban again

Community / Re: Public Teamspeak3 Icons [16x16] | Taking Requests! |
« on: March 27, 2015, 06:08:54 pm »
Nice Job Nicos!

Napoleonic Wars World Cup / Re: Napoleonic Wars World Cup [NWWC|2015]
« on: March 27, 2015, 01:04:49 am »
P.S both Ledge and Morgoth admited to breaking the rules PM me for Steam logs. So Morgoth's whole debate and argument about me being biased and breaking rules etc etc has just imploded on him. He is clearly "special" and just here to try get attention and cause issues.

Thanks for the logs Morgoth and love you Ledger  :-* :-* :-*.

Also Morgoth kicked out/leaving of the NWWC, all I will say I won't go into details.

Balkans may elect two new captains if they wish to carry on and add 2 new players to the team due to the circumstances, please PM me asap about this Balkans.

Well since we spoke via pm you needed to post. Yes I decided to leave and also get kicked. My debate here was for the the events misstreat, I have explained you. BB

Napoleonic Wars World Cup / Re: Napoleonic Wars World Cup [NWWC|2015]
« on: March 26, 2015, 11:40:50 pm »
Sunday 29.3 Balkan vs Canada FRA 1 20:30 GMT Ref: Stark
Update: Ref will be Zebaad

Also Saturday 28.3 Balkan vs Netherlands FRA 1 20:00 GMT Ref: Zebaad
On Saturday both FRA are taken. And on Sunday you are moved to FRA 2

Well since your are just retard i am not going to say ok.
You said as I mention in our conversation that you should post to reserve server date etc and because you have too much to do in your life (playing computer) you forgot to post in the fucking forums but  I am not going to trust the word of a mentally retarded 15 years old kid. Learn to treat equal everyone little nazi I am not going to change 2 events and even the server because your incapable to inform for you events. Some people has other things to do, we are not like you nolifer playing games the whole day. Try to fix the issue I don't give a shit.
Calling someone a kid when throwing random insults like that.

let's just start here I'm 18 not 15. I treat everyone equally. I said that people can PM me to find out which servers are free when or post here and I will tell them. Calling me a nolifer when I have less hours than the majority of these players is quite funny too. Considering I go to college and work, just like you do. And right know, oh look you are playing games? :o Big suprise hehe. I'm not going to insult you as I don't have that mentality to insult people like you as I sympathise for you. Anyway both FRA servers are taken on that day as I said so just pick another time or day and there will be no issues.

Oh and to address the point of me being nazi, where did you get that from. Look at my YouTube and you shall see I listen to a lot of black artists which nazi's would not tolerate and I have no issues with any religions (apart from extremist groups).

Come back when you've sucked on your mums tits and calmed down or something, thank you.

Would you like to post here our conversation? You don't insult right!
And as I told you, you have never said that we should pm you only post here. I checked and the dates were free. Also phrases like "go to Auschwich" are obviously anti-nazi phrases right.
That's like saying if you say the word bomb you are a terrorist. What I meant by don't insult is I have no reason to make a fool of you on FSE, I could but I'm not going to do that. Also I didn't say I was anti-nazi I just said I wasn't a supporter. ;)


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