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Recruiting of the 16thMOR!
« on: August 17, 2015, 05:16:36 pm »
Join The
16th Missouri Rifles

The 16thMOR is looking for new members! We need fresh recruits with experience in the North and South module for Napoleonic Wars, and also need some with leading experience as well! If you wish to join, send me an e-mail to, or if you have Steam, add AaronTheMan123 on there.

Code Of Conduct

In the 16thMOR, we look for a couple key traits that can contribute to the growth of the regiment, and let us thrive in battle.

 Maturity- This is a given. We don’t look for this as often when we’re outside of events and trainings and such of that nature, but, if you’re in-game, and making a bad name for the regiment with your in-game tags on, you will either receive a sizable demotion from the rank you are, or kicked out of the regiment.
 Leadership- Say the 16thMOR was in the middle of a battle, and the leader died. If you were second in command, we would look for you to react quickly, and respond to the situation, without losing a lot of men doing so. It may be hectic, but in those moments, people’s leadership traits kick in, and that’s what we look for.
 Loyalty- The last thing we look for in a strong regiment is loyalty. We look for people who stay close to the leader, when times are tough, who help the regiment out when things are chaotic. We look for people who will be loyal to the 16thMOR.

In Game Experience

Of Course it’s not all being serious during the events we partake in, another goal of this regiment is to give our members a feel of what it would be like to be in that time period, in that place, and give them an experience like no other. If not known already, the time period that the 16th Missouri Rifles were around was 1862-1865. We try to relate to that time period by giving our members historically accurate ranks, and also the flag used in-game was used by Missouri regiments.


As said before, the 16thMOR uses historically accurate ranks, as used during the civil war. The ranks that are listed below go from highest to lowest, and if the rank isn’t filled in, it has not been taken by someone already. Also, the number next to the rank shows how many there can be in the regiment.

Colonel(1)- Aaron
Lieutenant Colonel(1)-
Sergeant Major(1)-
Colour Sergeant(1)-
Staff Sergeant(1)-
Lance Corporal(4)-
Corporal Forward(5)-
Private Second Class(2)-
Private First Class(3)-
Junior Cadet(5)-

As said before, we are looking for strong members, who are mature, but still know to have fun when the time is right. Hope to see you soon on the battlefield, taking up arms with the 16thMOR.

-Colonel Aaron

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Re: Recruiting of the 16thMOR!
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Good Luck!

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Re: Recruiting of the 16thMOR!
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one is enough, which is meant for your reg, not for.............. this