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Getting your own Sub-Board
« on: February 01, 2022, 04:56:46 am »
In order to obtain a sub-board for your mod, please read the following post and take note of the rules and regulations surrounding the use of a Sub-Board on this forum.

Requirements for a Sub forum
  •     There must be a playable version of the Mod available for Public Download.
  •     The initial Mod thread (On the In Development Forum) must have 15+ pages of relevant replies, and show signs of recent activity
  •     The mod must be large enough to warrant a board of it's own
  •     The mod must be compatible with the latest stable version of M&B: Napoleonic Wars
  •     For legal purposes, mods which include use of third-party intellectual property (For instance, pre-existing lore or background information from books or games) cannot be considered eligible for a sub-board

Applying for a sub board
    The lead author of the modification must write a pm to a forum moderator with the information stated below. The request will be considered and if the requirements are met, the board will be created in due course. Please note that the forum moderator team may refuse any request for a sub-board at their own discretion. If your request for a sub-board is denied, there will likely be a valid reason given by the moderator in question. If and when the issues raised are resolved, you may re-apply for a sub board, highlighting your resolution of those issues. Repeated requests for sub-boards will be ignored, and potentially punished.

     When applying for a sub-board, please include the following details in your PM:
    •     The name of the Sub-Board or Modification
    •     Moderator(s). Initially these will be granted to a maximum of Two team members. If there is significant need for further moderators, then requests for more moderator positions can be submitted by either of the two existing moderators on the board. Please note that we will refuse privileges for any member who we feel is unsuitable for the privilege.
Additional Sub-Boards

Mod authors or teams who require multiple sub-boards within their initial mod board may submit requests for the extra boards a minimum of 2 days after their original board has been created, and once an additional set of requirements have been met.
  • There must be an obvious need for the extra sub-board to be granted. Examples of these requirements would be an extra board for Clan threads, or event organisation
  • The mod team applying for the board must have shown their capability and maturity in moderating the existing board they have been given, for a minimum period of 2 days after their initial board was granted.
Sub-Board rules

The rules applied to the general forum also apply to any sub-boards created here. Additional rules may be put in place by the sub-board moderators, provided they do not contradict pre-existing rules laid down by the global forum moderators.

The moderation of a sub-board is the responsibility of the Moderators of that board. This means that it is the Moderators responsibility to maintain the rules within their own board, however the Global moderation team will intervene in the event of gross rule infringement, or if a moderator seems unwilling or unable to maintain the global forum standards within their board.

Any complaints about a moderator of a sub-board should be brought to the attention of our global Moderator staff via PM.

Removal of Sub-Boards

A sub-board may be removed at any time by the Global Moderation staff, without prior warning or further explanation. Mod developers are required to maintain the activity of their mod, and any mod which looks abandoned is at risk of removal by the moderation staff. If a mod team decides to drop a project and therefore no longer require a sub-board, then we ask that they please inform us of their decision so that we can deal with the board in question. Failure to do so may adversely affect your chances of getting a sub-board for other mods in the future.
In addition to this, there must always be a downloadable and current version of the mod available for play. If for any reason this is not possible, then the mod team have a maximum of 7 days to resolve the issue, before the global moderator team intervene.[/list]
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