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Who do you think the best Commander/General of all time?

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--- Quote from: Flexi. on October 11, 2020, 01:54:50 pm ---Might be the most default answer but imo it's actually Napoleon, due to him using the Corps-System and defeating much larger forces.
He just was a little bit too greedy.

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Can agree with Flexi, altough there were many others I think he was most successful!

It always depends on the situation. You can have the greatest general on the offensive, but loose in the end to logistics *cough*germany*cough*. So it would have to be an allrounder general. I like Cao Cao, he is like a Chinese Napoleon - great in administrative, cultural and military things. There isn't a single thing that he didn't reform during his reign. If you go purely by K/D then I guess someone like admiral Yi could win.

who the fuck are these people

Duke of Wellington Clearly


--- Quote from: Zanderthegreat on May 13, 2021, 03:18:23 am ---Duke of Wellington Clearly

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lmfao the guy who was crying at a tree feet cuz he knew he was losing waterloo even with the best position ever ? yikes


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