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NW_Official Administration Applications

Applications are open!

The Napoleonic Wars Admin team have their roots in the old MM Mod. A team of Professional and mature Players, that strive to make sure that the official servers are well looked after.
We are looking for Mature and respected community members to help run the NW_Official servers (US/EU).  This includes possible linebattles and mini events hosted on the official servers.
Admins are required to be active and have a neutral standing in all situations and look for the best outcome for the community.
A successful Applicant must follow the server rules at all times, while also adhering to the admin rules.
Once accepted a 2 week trial period will commence where your performance will be evaluated.
Only successful applicants will be responded to by pm or steam by MrTiki (for EU) or Thunderstormer (for US). This happens when there is a need for new admins.
Applications will be accepted on the fly and there is no set closing date for applications.
Applications are open to anyone. We will not announce when candidates are being selected for trials; they will be informed by PM only.

Application form
--- Code ---
Community name:
Steam Name:
Your In game ID(s):(hint, this the number that comes up every time you join NA1)
Applying for (Ts/Na1 or EU1):
About yourself:
Why you would be a good admin:
Will you be able to help administer the Public Linebattle or other possible events on the official servers?:
Previous Experience (if any):
In game ID(hint, it is the # that pops up when you join the server):

--- End code ---
Nota Bene.

* Only Formal Applications will be accepted
* All Posts must be applications or your application will be rejected
* 1 application per individual or your application will be rejected
* Only successful applicants will be informed.
* If you are applying for one of the none official servers, do so where they tell you to.

Thank you for your interest!

UPDATE: If you posted in the old thread, and are still interested in joining the team, please re apply in this thread.  If you are interested in admining the linebattle event and only that event.  Apply here.

The other thread was a little outdated in terms of apps.

This thread was remade in case we want to add new admins.  It does not mean we are currently adding new admins.

Do not post your questions here.  PM if you have any questions about this. 

Community name: Bear, [PSG]Gmnr_Bear or [3teSF]Kpt_Bear
Steam Name: Bear Bearington (
Age: 18
Location/Timezone: NY/EST
Applying for (Ts/Servers): NW_Official_NA1
Regiments: PLG, 1LH, PSG, 3teSF
About yourself: I'm mature and have played this game for ages. I have a love for history and this game and no matter what I can never stop playing it. Come may 13th I would have played this game for 3 years and I do not regret any of it, in those years I've never been perma banned or temp banned from this server.
Why you would be a good admin: I'm not biased, I have tons of experience admining previously and have seen every situation and I know how to handle anything that could happen within the server. I'm also very good at balancing situations and managing my time.
Will you be able to help administer the Public Linebattle or other possible events on the official servers?: Of course, I love admining linebattles and I would be available most if not all of the time
Previous Experience (if any): 27th_Official_Siege, NA_Cavalry_Groupfighting, NA_Groupfighting, Old_Guard_Linebattle, IV_Korps_Linebattle, 7te_Official_Siege, (any IV server) I still am an active admin in the servers listed that remain up.

Community name: 1stEPI_A1_Gfr_Vivian or DA_1stKY_LtCol_Vivian
Steam Name: vivian5555
Location/Timezone: Texas/ Central
Applying for (Ts/Servers): NW_Official_NA_1
Regiments: 1stKY (North and South) 1stEPI
About yourself:I am a very responsible person,I am also always on and seeing stuff that im not suppose to see. I am a very trustful person. I can promise you I can be a good admin. I also have played this game for almost 4 years.
Why you would be a good admin:I am a very trustful person. Also, am responsible.
Will you be able to help administer the Public Linebattle or other possible events on the official servers?:Yes. I will
Previous Experience (if any):I am a freeplay admin on north and south.

Community name: Krastinov / 63e_SoD_Krastinov

Steam Name:

Age: 19 

Location/Timezone: Eastern Standard Time / Southern Ontario

Applying for (Ts/Servers): NW_Official_NA_1

Regiments: Currently 63e, previously in the 2FA.

About yourself: I'm a gamer through and through, currently finishing up highschool credits. I'm generally a straight-forward person who enjoys having fun and messing around but with very clear restrictions and limits. I started playing Napoleonic Wars about a year and a half ago, pushing in almost 2000 hours since then. This being a video game, it's obvious that enjoyment is the primary goal but to maximize the entertainment for the majority; I believe that order is needed. I love being able to enhance and maintain the fun of this game whilst enjoying it myself. Most people usually find that I am easily chilled out without losing my demeanor in situations of varying degrees.

Why you would be a good admin: I believe that being an admin has multiple requirements in order to be at the highest efficiency. A good admin is someone who is able to ensure that the maximum amount of people possible are enjoying the server whilst being free from fun-breaking situations. Though that fun is an important if not the MOST important goal for an admin to provide; it is a must for an admin to be able to provide an unbiased and clear response to any questions and/or rule-breaks. This involves being able to put aside anything that would normally sway your opinion and having the capacity to remain calm and mature even when presented with frustrating issues. I am a relaxed but hard-working individual who prides himself in being able to keep servers organized and enjoyable for everyone; but also being able to be strict and mature especially when the time of need arises but also in general.

Will you be able to help administer the Public Linebattle or other possible events on the official servers?: Depending on the time of day and my own availability, I believe I'd be able to attend and administer server events.

Previous Experience (if any): Administrated the role-playing module Roma Oritur for its lifetime.
                                              Administrated the role-playing module Persistent Age for its lifetime.
                                              Administrated 63e_NA_Siege for 4-5 months.
                                              Currently administrating and moderating NA_Groupfighting.


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