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NW Epic Enhancement [client-side overhaul mod] Version 5.1 Out! (Final Version)

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Are you bored of playing the same old Napoleonic Wars for years on end? Do you find yourself becoming the grumpy old fellow of your clan? Do you regularly tell people to "get off my lawn!" or "I remember when Mount and Musket was better!"? Or perhaps you just need a reason to get back into the game.

Well I have the perfect cure for your NW arthritis! Behold, the largest client-side overhaul modification for your Napoleonic Wars module!!

Download the latest full version here!

This mod is comprised from a collection of skins, animations, and sounds from the fantastic NW modding community, and brings them to you in one easy to install package (it's like a pizza delivery, but better!)
Download Links
Full Versions- Version 1.0
- Version 2.0
- Version 3.0
- Version 4.1
- Version 5.0
- Version 5.1
[close]Update Packets- Update to v2.0 (from v1.0)
- Update to v3.0 (from v2.0)  (sounds from v4.0)
- Update to v4.0 (from v3.0)
- Update to v5.0 (from v4.1)
[close]Enhancement "Lite"Enhancement Lite v4.1
[close]Individual mod changes (for those that don't like a certain something)- Enhanced blood only (uses vanilla smoke)

- Vanilla NW spyglass UI

- New spyglass without scratches
Have a look at the new units!

   Great Britain

44th East Essex Regiment of Foot(Hinkel & Diplex)Ranker[close]Musician[close]Black Brunswickers Corps (Schwarze Schar)(Beta & kpetschulat)Ranker[close]Officer[close]42nd Regiment of Foot (Black Watch)(Hinkel & Diplex)Ranker[close]Officer[close]2nd Coldstream Regiment of Foot(Hinkel & Diplex)Ranker[close]Officer[close]90th Perthshire Volunteers (Light Infantry)(Oldest)Ranker[close]Officer[close]60th Regiment of Foot (Rifles)(Attila the Nun)Ranker[close]Officer[close]2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys)(Attila the Nun)Ranker[close]Officer[close]Ship Crew(Parrot & Willhelm)Ranker[close]General(Parrot & Attila)General[close]

2e Regiment d'Ifanterie de Suisse(Viktor)Ranker[close]Officer[close]13. Pulk Piechoty Xiestwa Warszawskiego(Raddeo)Ranker[close]Officer[close]8. Linen-Infanterie-Regiment Herzog-Pius, Bayern.(kpetschulat)Ranker[close]Officer[close]1er Regiment de Tirailleurs(Attila)Ranker[close]Officer[close]d'Elite du 5e Regiment de Hussards(Parrot)Ranker[close]Officer[close]Lanciers Rouges(Beta & kpetschulat)Ranker[close]Officer[close]L'Artillerie a Cheval de la Guarde(Attila)Ranker[close]Officer[close]5e compagine des marins de la garde(Svennson)
(Captain - Attila)Marine[close]Post Captain[close]Ship Crew(Parrot)Ranker[close]General(Attila)General[close]

8. Brandenburgische Infanterie (Officer)(Parrot & Attila)Ranker[close]Officer[close]Landwehr(Devmc99)Ranker[close]Officer[close]Garde-Regiment zu Fuss(Attila)Ranker[close]Officer[close]6. Ulanen Regiment(Ikhoppa)Ranker[close]Officer[close]General(Parrot)General[close]

29y Chernigovskiy Pehotniy Polk(Raddeo)Ranker[close]Officer[close]Pavlovskiy Grenaderskiy Polk(Raddeo)Ranker[close]Officer[close]Leib-Gvardii Preobrazhenskiy Polk(Parrot)Ranker[close]Officer[close]21-y_Yegerskiy Polk (Rifles)(Yukimura Sanada)
Ranker[close]Officer[close]Soum Gusarskiy Polk(Parrot)Ranker[close]Officer[close]Leib-Gvardii Kazachiy Polk(Bluehawk)Ranker[close]Officer[close]Artillery of the Guard(Yukimura Sanada)Ranker[close]Officer[close]General(Parrot)General[close]

Landwehrbattaillon des Herzogtums Salzburg(Parrot)Ranker[close]Officer[close]Salzburg Stadt Schuetzen(Parrot)Ranker[close]Officer[close]Grenadier Battalion Purcell (officer)(Attila)Ranker[close]Officer[close]Artillery(Parrot)Ranker[close]Officer[close]General(To be re-skinned)General[close]
   Additional Stuff

New Artillery Skins(Kopcat)Preview[close]Atmospheric Smoke(Willhelm)Preview[close]More Blood(Parrot)Preview[close]Proper Item Names(Parrot)Preview[close]

Have you made any of these skins? Regardless seems like a nice complication of skins might try this out at some point.


--- Quote from: Furrnox on October 23, 2013, 02:19:20 pm ---Have you made any of these skins? Regardless seems like a nice complication of skins might try this out at some point.

--- End quote ---

I only made the French and Russian Hussar skins, the other skins are listed with their respective creators.

Edit: I've done a lot more than that recently XD Check the first post for more details...

Looks nice!

BSM 'Shut up' Williams:
Awesome dude.


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