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Why did you choose your name?

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Major Sharpe:
So basically I was recruited into a regiment before I even got the game, I needed a name quickly and all I could think of that was of the time period was Hornblower or Sharpe, I chose Sharpe and have stayed in the same regiment so everyone knows me as Sharpe and it would be almost impossible to change it now.

Why do you have the name you have?

IRL Name Nicos=ING Nicos

Maccius (Mass-E-Us) is my real name in roman Latin.

My name comes from my gamertag I use on xbox, couldn't think of a name so I just used the designer of a helicopter I loved and ran with it.

For my actual ingame tag for NW I just looked for a scot lowlander surname and used that.

Allasaphore, I needed to select a name for a regiment and selected the name of a fictional character of mine. ^.^


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