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Classic games that never get boring


Classic games with simple designs that are not colorful but attractive, especially for the younger generation,
If you still remember Contra, Tank, Mario, Duck Hunter, etc., then your childhood must have been intense.
Here are two of my favorite classic games.
1. Docking Sequence
In a game called Super Simple, your task is to control the spaceship to land safely on the space station.
It sounds like that, but completing the task is not at all simple. There are countless obstacles that will make your spaceship explode and... end of the movie. The space station that is always rotating is the biggest obstacle; any collision, even the smallest, will BOOM; in addition, you will sometimes be attacked by hostile forces; and of course, if you hit Ammo, it will only BOOM.
2. Spades
A simple card gameā€”no frills, easy to play, and attractive-Spades adds a new puzzle and strategy element to the classic card game Spades. Plan and strategize every step as you compete with a partner or in multiplayer with friends to try and make bids and play against your opponents. Win the most books and be the first to reach 250 points! Be careful though; Spades can't be played until they're broken! You will need precision, strategy, and quick thinking to master this game!
3. A Tiny Dice Dungeon
Tiny Dice Dungeon belongs to the RPG game genre, with the main character being a brave warrior. In addition, you also have the help of witches and bandits. You will adventure through the dungeons under the castle, full of giant monsters and, of course, indispensable secret treasures.
The strength of the game is that you can tame evil creatures to fight alongside you, and when you have taken over all creatures, you can create a powerful army. Join legendary battles against hundreds of different monsters and bosses.
This is a turn-based game, so you will be able to roll the dice to fight. To upgrade your combat abilities, you can create new weapons and collect rare items. In addition to fighting bots, you can also challenge other players.


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