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Do you guys like infantry 1v1 linebattles?

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I’m bad at melee so yes, shooting in 1v1s is the only way I can feel useful and contributing to the regiment /s

on the real side having been both a ranker and a co I do still prefer 1v1s. The tactics and overall strategy is something I do genuinely enjoy, and watching 2 lines be disciplined, try to get tactical advantages or negate their own disadvantages is something that groupfighting doesn’t really have an equivalent for imo. I can see why (especially the most skilled) players might not like it and be frustrated, but personally I feel that 1v1ing combines everything I enjoy about the game into one: tactics, leadership, and melee.

And yeah, bit of truth in my joking statement. When I was a new player who hadn’t known how to melee whatsoever, 1v1ing allowed me to at least have some control and have fun, inspiring me to want play the game more.

Had my introduction to the game been through going 0-23 in a group fight I wouldn’t have stayed.

1v1 have more aspects than gf. Surely we can say that 1v1 contains GF.

In 1v1 officer can outplay giga GF stacks  with good shoots, and make advantage in GF.

Its more interesting than GFs when from begining we actually know that some regiments have stronger roster(which one leaves from regiment afrer another 2nd RGL place)

I remebmer that some 96y players were really good at shooting, so there is another chance for them to win something instead of 0 15 on GFs.

I like 1v1 tournaments. but i dont like practise matches.

Run in circles or camp a hill. Big fun.

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