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Do you guys like infantry 1v1 linebattles?

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John Price:

--- Quote from: maskmanmarks on November 16, 2022, 05:59:28 pm ---the bigger the lines the better as the rounds aren't as autistic where regiments count each others' shots and keep reversing endlessly - leaders can actually go for shooting plays as opposed to just copying whatever the other line is doing.

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Just because the playstyle of leaders in the 2020's is so fucking unintuative and most top tier regiments have been focusing on groupfighting for so many years doesn't mean that its the only playstyle that works. Its just people copy what works for others.

Playstyle of German regiments are a good example, Nr13 even still has that old playstyle and it works sometimes. Its just unfortunately they aren't 15thYR, 96y, 55th or 45th so they get plowed in melee.


--- Quote from: maskmanmarks on November 16, 2022, 05:59:28 pm ---Larger 1v1s also makes the straight up melees much less cancerous for players too, where regiments can actually form a a line in the melees as opposed to the cockroach drag the enemy away and run which really do drag on.

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i think the complete opposite is true.


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