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Do you guys like infantry 1v1 linebattles?

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well, the question is pretty obvious, answers are anonymus so should be np to answer honest idk

1v1s can be fun if you dont get shot every round and make it to a melee fight. As someone once said, a 1v1 is basically just taking a few shots at each other and then pretend its a groupfight. So I would take a 1v1 GF over a 1v1 linebattle everyday.

Scottish Unicorn:
Non campy 1v1s are enjoyable. Soon as one side hill camps, fun lost.

John Price:
1v1's were better back before people started doing bullshittery. 2018 and prior was fun.

I've been NCO/CO/Ranker in plenty of regiments over my stupidly long NW lifetime and I've been through ups and downs with them, honestly now I don't mind them again if it's for a tournament such as EIC but anything outside of that I can't be assed for a 1-2 hour event of just camping which happens in most cases sadly when you play in a 'better' regiment.


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