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I miss the old zombie servers

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Lord Aperion:
Hello everyone. I used to admin both the FH and Appleorgasm Zombie Servers back in the day. I'm not sure how many of you remember how fun these maps were but I remember playing with 20+ people at any given time. I had learned the ins and outs of all the maps. Being a sapper was the finest part and being able to build yourself in dugouts was the absolute best. My favorite map was the giant pyramid because you could dig into it and there were buildings where the ground would keep you safe for a little bit. Do you have any zombie related memories that you remember about either server? I thought it would be appropriate seeing how we're close to Halloween and everything.

Does Tropical Paradise count as a Zombie Server?

i miss eu_battle

Although the admins were very tyrant, I miss 15th HvB.

Apple is long gone from NW / warband now, but still good friends with him.


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