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North American Wednesday Event [8pm EST] (Crosspost)



🎅 North American Wednesday Event🎅

North American Event is hosted by Santa and Copot. They strive for the event to be the most fun in the community by providing and enforcing rules with a range of maps to play from. This event will be rotational between the American Civil war and Age of Napoleon on a weekly basis. The events will also be rotational between Linebattle and Conquest on a weekly basis. Event InfoServer: North American Wednesday Linebattle
Password will be given out via discord
Event Rules
Player Behavior - Regiment Leaders are held for their regiment's actions.
 - Teamkilling & Teamwounding will be dealt with strictly, so if an incident happens please be quick to apologize.
 - Trolls are not allowed.
 - Derogatory terms, slurs, or other harmful insults will not be tolerated. Respectful player banter, poking for fun, or teasing is allowed and hilarious.
 - You Rambo, you get slain.
Reinforcement Rules - There will be one respawn per round during a linebattle.

Line Infantry - No gaps larger than 1 man spacing. Officers and other specialities are allowed to freely move about.
 - 1 man spacing is allowed.
 - No crouching except when on fences or man made cover.
 - Garrisoning is prohibited.
 - FOL/FIC is prohibited.
 - Line of 3 or less must find a friendly line. (Meaning >= 3)
Skirmishers/Light Inf - Minimum = 6, Max = 12
 - Five man gap permitted.
 - Firing/Reloading while crouched is allowed.
 - When one member is in melee, all others are prohibited from firing.
Artillery - Min = 2, Max = 6
 - One cannon per regiment allowed.
 - One Sapper and medic are allowed.
 - 500 BP.
 - Artillery Guard must be near an active artillery piece to fire out of line.
 - If one member is in melee, all fire is prohibited, except Artillery.
 - Only Artillery Class may access guns.

Events - AoN or ACW mod will be rotating off the 41st Sunday Rotational event. If 41st does AoN, we will be doing ACW, and vice versa.
 - ACW mod will be a conquest event.
 - AoN mod will be a linebattle event
*Rules might change*

Conquest Rules will be added later.

Signup via the Discord

This thread is a crosspost as our event is rotational weekly.

Original Thread:

The debut of this event will be June 1st. You can signup via the discord!


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