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The Old Guard Event - Friday AoN Linebattle - 8PM EST [NA] ⚔️

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-Event will be held every FRIDAY at 8:00 PM EST time.

-Event server info will be given 15 mins prior to start at 7:45 pm est in friday-signups-info channel in the 1er discord.

-At least 2 Maps will be played, each map will be best of 3. If the first two maps go quickly a 3rd map will be played. (The event will end after approx. 1 hour of play)

1er Discord =

This event is supposed to provide more then just a weekly linebattle. We want to put emphasis on who actually wins and loses in these events and give more reason for teams to win the events. With that being said we hope to provide a ruleset that provides for the best gameplay and combat experience possible for every player on the battlefield. We also promise to run the events on schedule and in a timely manner. And with admins that treat everyone fairly.
Rules for Line Infantry:


-Lines Must always fire in line and in formation (shoulder to shoulder).

-Line infantry is not allowed spacing or gaps.

-Gaps from deaths in line do not have to be fixed/filled, unless moving out.

-Firing on charge (FoC) and firing out of line (FoL) are not allowed and will not be tolerated. (slays will be given and if warnings are ignored could result in a ban.)

-Garrisoning is not allowed. (No camping buildings.)

-Line infantry may only crouch in a double ranked line. Or if taking cover behind a fence or wall. (MUST STAND TO FIRE)

-If only 2 men remain in a line, they must immediately seek out and join a friendly line OR charge directly toward their enemy into melee.


1er Régiment de Grenadiers-à-Pied de la Garde Impériale "The Old Guard" (1er) 15-20
9e Regiment d’Infanterie Legere "Incomparable!" (9e) 15-20
1er Régiment d'Artillerie à Pied "Royal-Artillerie" (1erArt) 3-6
2e Régiment de Grenadiers-à-Pied de la Garde Impériale (2eGren) 5-10
3e Régiment d'Infanterie de la Légion de la Vistule (3e) 10-15
Expected attendance min/max: 48 - 71

  1st Light Infantry Battalion, King's German Legion (1stKGL) 10-15
Nr.17 Emperor's Own Infanterie (Nr.17) 15-20
73rd New York Infantry Regiment "Excelsior Zouaves" (73rdNY) 5-10
London Irish Rifles (LIR) 5-10
88th Regiment of Foot (Connaught Rangers) "The Devil's Own" (88th) 5-7
Expected attendance min/max: 40 - 62



Applications may be posted here but we highly encourage everyone to use the discord!
Regiment -
Guesstimated Attendance -
Preferred Faction (Britain/France) -
Do you understand the rules? -

Reminder that the first event will not be until 5/27

WiFi Bills:
Regiment - 2eGren
Guesstimated Attendance - 5-7+
Preferred Faction (Britain/France) - France
Do you understand the rules? - yes boss


--- Quote from: WiFi Bills on May 20, 2022, 07:23:46 am ---Regiment - 2eGren
Guesstimated Attendance - 5-7+
Preferred Faction (Britain/France) - France
Do you understand the rules? - yes boss

--- End quote ---



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