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Mute Appeal


Name under which you were banned - Intolerant
Which official server(s) are you banned from?(NW_Official_NA1 and/or NW_Official_EU1): BCoF US Official All Modes
What was happening when you got banned: We were capturing an objective and I was saying edgy borderline slurs in game.
Did you break any other rules prior to your ban? (this may include any prior bans, or any other rules you were or were not punished for): No, this is my first offense.
Time and date when the account was banned: 3/8/2022 Between 8:00pm CST and 9:30pm CST
Timezone: CST
User Identification Number* (This is a number server admins can find in their logs THIS IS NOT YOUR CD KEY, DONT POST YOUR CD KEY!) :76561198069610767
Why should you be unbanned?: I was unaware of how strict the server was. With it being a newer game, some servers are more strict then others. I had been able to say and type similar messages before without consequence.

You have been muted under a seperate name after this incident, so you have not learned from your mistakes.
However, mutes are often temporary and you should be unmuted now. Please PM an Official Server Admin on Discord if you are still muted with a link to this reply saying you can be unmuted. Please adhere to the server rules located in the channel there titled "game-server-rules".


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