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I prepared this topic to show my ongoing projects and what i have done until now. You can leave a script request to the below if you want.

Server scripts
Scripts/improvements i have made for Tropical Paradise
SpoilerDuel Arenas



Chat commands.
Round-end events.
New Clothes menu's toggle(save) option.
New Stats.
Community Requests(see below)
Drop a request to the below.
Mapper friendly lift system

--- Quote from:  Usage ---Add platform with var1 = x
Add ground button with var1 = x
Add upper button with var2 = x
( x = lift's number assigned by map maker)
--- End quote ---


--- Quote from:  Usage ---Add drawbridge
Add winch next to it

--- End quote ---

RemakesSpoilerHere I'm trying to remake systems i see when I'm playing

Tropical Paradise's old b menu

What are community requests?
Community requests are script requests left in comments. These will be chosen in my Patreon account via voting or i'll pick one if nobody votes. These requests can be serverside or clientside but i may not consider clientside ones. I will start coding on them and keep you informed.

Change Logs
SpoilerTropical Paradise

--- Quote ---[02.21.21]
+ Added /bp and /tnt for all admins.
+Fixed clothes menu's invalid item issue
+Added /damage, /time and /mute commands for all players
+ Added /rules, /help commands for all players
+ Improved clothes system by adding toggle(save) option to it.
+ Fixed a bug when happens special players type commands.
+ Fixed a bug that allows you duplicate broken bottles using treasure chest.
+ Fixed a bug that doesn't allow some admins to use their perms.
+ Removed /bottle all and /banhammer commands temporarily
+ Removed most of things in above.
+ Added /stats, /duel, /dueloff, /bald, /naked.
+ /admins is better now.
+ Added cosmetics.
+ Added duel arenas.
+ Added airdrop.
+ Fixed lootbox's soldier perk.
+ Added round-end events.
+ Added stats.
+ Added loadouts to clothes menu.
+ Added drawbridge.

--- End quote ---
What I'm working on now?

* Desc:
* Type:

nice to see :)


--- Quote from: Freestyler on February 23, 2021, 04:33:25 pm ---nice to see :)

--- End quote ---
hope people give a life to this section

Scottish Unicorn:
Looking for a couple of scripts for some servers!

One small, one big(ish). Please message me on Steam to discuss!

Can confirm anan has done amazing work on tropical.


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