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Dan the Seagull Chef:
I kinda forgot but I had young caesim do a little work to do on frisbee a while ago but here’s the download for the server and map.

If I remember correctly, everyone spawns with a bottle, you freeze when you have the bottle, if the bottle hits you you get the bottle, there is an alternate mode for the bottle, you don’t do any damage or cause flinching when you run into people or hit people, and you can only hold the bottle for like 5/6 seconds before you drop it. I can’t remember if kicking people makes you drop the bottle or it was taken out but that could still be in here.

what does it do

Dan the Seagull Chef:

--- Quote from: Cameron. on December 17, 2020, 11:45:03 pm ---what does it do

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Smh I had to type everything out


some examples of NW frisbee

acc entertained me


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