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We stopped with this Brigade, was a great time. - 02/06/2020

The 1e Brigade [1B] currently consists of 3 regiments, 9e Régiment de Zouaves,2e régiment des chasseurs à pied and 34 polk.
The 9eZ is a French speaking community whilst the 2Ch is international, meaning English speaking. 34 polk is only for Bulgarians.
We are also planning on uploading our media on the 1e Brigade's Official YouTube channel.
Read on to know the details about each regiment.

| 9e régiment de Zouaves
Le 9e Régiment de Zouaves, est le 1er Régiment de la 1e Brigade, composer de 2 régiments Fondateurs, plus d'un 3eme régiment d'un Ex-Membre du Nr41, puis d'un 4e régiment.

Commander par le Capitaine Toussaint-Hache
le 9e Zouaves est un régiment Francophone, "qui a exister en 14-18"

La Devise du 9e Régiment de Zouaves = Chacal en Algérie, et Tigres a Verdun.

Roster =

Officiers :

Sous-Officiers :

Hommes de rangs :

Hiérarchie :

Rsv - Réserviste = 1 event par mois Min.

Homme de rang :
Volontaire - Vlt
Soldat - Sdt
Soldat Vétéran - SdtV

Caporal - Cpl
Caporal-Fourrier - CplF
Sergent - Sgt
Sergent-Chef - SgtC

Sous-lieutenant - SLtn
Lieutenant - Ltn
Capitaine - Cpt
Commandant - Cmd
Colonel - Colonel
| 2e régiment des Chasseurs à Pied Belge

The 2Ch are international, the regiment has a Belgian theme. Therefore it has a proper hierarchy of ranks, which you can view below.
We have plenty of experience in Iron Europe events already,
having started the IR Nr41 back in early August 2018. Many of our members are ex-Nr41'ers.
After Nr41 disbanned due to lack of activity some old veterans joined up with the 1e Birgade to form the 2Ch.
Most importantly,we'd like to have a better atmosphere and preform better on the field.
We're also playing other mods and a game called Darkest Hour though it doesn't have weekly events.

| HierarchyOfficers | NCOs | Enlisted1. Kolonel (Kol)
1. Adjudant-majoor (AdjtMaj)
1. Eerste korporaal-chef (1KplChef)2. Luitenant-kolonel (LtKol)
2. Adjudant-chef (AdjtChef)2. Korporaal-chef (KplChef)3. Majoor (Maj)
3. Adjudant (Adjt)3. Korporaal (Kpl)4. Kapitein-commandant (Cdt)
4. Eerste sergeant-majoor (1SgtMaj)4. Eerste soldaat (1Sdt)5. Kapitein (Kapt)
5. Eerste sergeant-chef (1SgtChef)5. Soldaat (Sdt)6. Luitenant (Lt)
6. Eerste sergeant (1Sgt)6. Klaroen (Klaroen)7. Onderluitenant (OLt)
7. Sergeant (Sgt)7. Vrijwilliger (Vrij)Kapitein-commandant is the highest rank - 1-10 members
Majoor - 10-20
Luitenant-kolonel - 20-25
Kolonel - 25-∞
| Roster

OfficersNCOsEnlistedMaj. WoeskiAdj. DamnhayelKpl. Samuel/Sgt. HussarSdt. Zembrax//1Sdt. Piggu//Sdt. Bartosz//Vrij. Josh//Sdt. BusyHead//Vrij. La Bayard//Vrij. Ghostkiller//Sdt. Sandboi//Vrij. Bruins//Sdt. Dolas//Sdt. Koen//Vrij. Saulniv//Sdt. Lapa//Vrij. Muss//Sdt. Kreg//1Sdt. DarthVader//Vrij. Radioman//Vrij. Nate//Sdt. Gemmy//Sdt. Laxloopop//Vrij. Kira//Vrij. Yoghurt//Vrij. Kroussainte//Vrij. Nerevar//Vrij. SoldierTree//Vrij. ZdezLaw//Vrij. Efthymis//Vrij. Firdon
| About "Chasseurs à pied"   
Chasseurs are light infantry, their main task is
reconnaissance or small-scale skirmishing. Specially trained for service in less convenient environments.
This particular regiment was part of the 5th division, garrisoned in Mons.It was also part
of the attempts to push back the Germans from Antwerp.
Which ended in failure. On August 26th, the 3rd battalion was located at theVerbrande Brug.
This is where Private (after his death, Corporal) Léon Trésignies volunteered to maneuver the crutch of the drawbridge on the
enemy bank of the Willebroek canal. The brave chasseur was mowed down by German machine guns.
The regiment was also part of the Battle of the Yser in October 1914.
Belgium didn't go on any major offensives until late 1918, during the 100-days offensive,
the 2e Chasseurs also participated in this offensive.

March of the 2e régiment des Chasseurs à pied

| 34 polk

Only for Bulgarians, a small squad that strives to master flanking tactics.

Planning / Schedule [9eZ + 2Ch + 34plk]Monday - ??
Tuesday - Iron Europe event 8PM CEST
Wednesday - Possible day for meeting
Thursday - ??
Friday - ??
Saturday - Possible day for meeting
Sunday - Possible day for meeting

We're playing a large variation of mods and even games on our "Possible day for meetings".
More on this is Work In Progress.
Decorations / Medals
How it works
To further allow members to be rewarded for their performance - the 2Ch regiment offers a decoration system.
Thanks to everyone who helped me with this task!
So, basically we will be using the names and ribbons of the actual Belgian army medals. These will be distributed among the members with each medal covering a specific in-game «skill». To add an extra layer of grind to the whole thing - each medal consists of 3 grades starting from the I - each grade will come with a different reward:
Grade| RewardIYour name under the thread's recipient listIIA [surprise  ;)] comment on your Steam profile.IIIReceive a special role on discord.
recipient listKillsDiscipline & serviceCourage under fireDolas I
Lapa II
Sandboi I
Zemrax I
Antonio II
Samuel I
Jadore I
Kretinas IDamnhayel II
Sandboi I
Jadore I
Darth Vader I
/TeamworkLeadershipMedical aid/Samuel IKoen IExeptional preformanceActive member Recruitmentin other mods///Exeptional preformance towardscompleting the objective(s)Lapa I//[close]
(Made by Darth Vader Our Official recruitment poster:

EnlistmentYou can contact the following regiment administrators:
Woeski, commander of 2Ch ->

Toussaint, commander of 52e ->

Join our DISCORD SERVER aswell!
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to add us on Steam or post below.


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