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ANNOUNCEMENT - APRIL 2019Good day Iron Europe followers,
I'm here to inform you about the latest progress on Iron Europe v2.
On the 10th of April 10, 2018 DanyEle announced that there would be a new development team to finish the mod's highly anticipated version 2.0. Mainly Duke Longtree has been working on the mod since then, however due to circumstances he lost most of his files related to Iron Europe and has therefore quit. He is back!

All this however does not mean that Iron Europe has stopped development, as you may have noticed there has been a new patch (1.22). Work has continued after that, and today I will show the progression made, aswell as sharing possible ideas and asking for your help. 

Let's begin with what's added so far;

* The British Empire  Although it still needs some work, the "essence" of the faction is already complete.
What this will add is new weapons and uniforms,
- Lewis Gun - LMG
- SMLE (+scoped version) - boltaction rifle
- Webley - revolver
- Browning Automatic 5 - shotgun
* Smoke grenades  units from the grenadier squad will now be able to choose smoke grenades to cover an advance!
* New particles  again some new particles,
- Bullet casings fly out when firing an HMG
- (Again) a new artillery hit particle
* New maps  including:
- a new Passchendaele map called Ypres Salient
- Argonne forest map with village called Bois D'Argonne

* Fusil Automatique Modèle 1917  a new french semi-auto rifle
* Many new scene props  for mappers including things such as;
- new trenches
- a tank
- trench props
- modular bunkers
That is mostly what's done, or almost done, text marked in red are not 100% done yet.

So what still needs to be done;

* A new german weapon/unit  I want to make every faction feel a bit more different, this is why I added some new weapons like the French semi-automatic, the british trench gun but we also need something for the Germans, now I was thinking of maybe doing a flamethrower, however this won't be easy to make. Please give me your suggestions!
* New models  the reason why the french semi-auto and the british trench gun aren't 100% finished is because they don't have a model yet, only a place holder one, all the models that I currently use are those that were made by the previous developers, but for new ideas we need new models and so I am searching for someone to make them, and if possible also a new reload animation for the shotgun.Those are the things that need to be made for sure, however there are also things that I need the community's opinion for.

* What is your opinion about off-map artillery? Is it necessary? I have already increased the power of the howitzer, since I've noticed it's really under powered.
* Cavarly? Honestly I think it's really pointless, but a lot of people would like to see it for some reasongalleryBritish lewis gunner on the new Passchendaele map

British sniper on the new Passchendaele map

Smoke screen to cover an advance

[close]If you have anything else you would like to suggest, don't be afraid to post it here.

If you want to help Iron Europe, get in touch with me:
FSE contact | Steam contact | Discord contact: Woeski#0385

Also events are still running, currently deciding between Mondays or Tuesdays. (We tried Monday first)FSE thread

Images coming soon!

Dark / Thorn:
Great Work ! I can't wait to see all these news happen  ;D


--- Quote from: Dark / Thorn on April 09, 2019, 01:33:13 pm ---Great Work ! I can't wait to see all these news happen  ;D

--- End quote ---

No one can :O

About germans:
1. Maybe Artillery-Luger?
2. U can give cavarly as exclusive unit for germans
3. U can give Polish Legions as special unit with polish sounds and with Mannlicher M1895 (They were Austro-Hungarian in reality)


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