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Patch 1.22 Released!

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Maybe not the 2.0 update you have been expecting, however Iron Europe gets once again updated after almost 4 years. IE_Frontlines_Roleplay server is updated and can be played on.
The 18:00GMT Tuesday event is also still running, however it could use some new regiments.


--- Code ---
• Shooting bots
• Map changes
- Somerby Farm, added more props & detail for cover
- Canal Du Nord (Bot), fixed spawn and more detail & props for cover | map made for bot conquest
- Canal Du Nord (Day), fixed spawn and more detail & props for cover
- La Haye Sainte (Day), renamed to Poelcapelle: new siege map (see screenshots)
- Beach (morning) & Beach (evening), removed the mm_schrine objects blocking the map
• New artillery particle (see screenshots)

--- End code ---


screenshotsNew artillery particle

Bots in action

New map, attacker perspective

New map, defender perspective


Github download:
         Moddb download:
              How to install?

* Woeski
* Old Iron Europe teamA few notes:
- Map updates will continue to be added, they will most likely just be changed on the server, instead of a whole new version.
- Sorry, there is still no fix to the crashes, though they only occur if there are more than 80 players on, and the server only has a capacity of 80 players.


Is UK ever gonna come?


--- Quote from: Nejtro on January 06, 2019, 03:27:43 pm ---Is UK ever gonna come?

--- End quote ---

Not really sure about that. I would need some who can create 3d models then also.

Finally added the moddb link. sorry for being late.


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