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Infanterie-Regiment „von Boyen“ (5. Ostpreußisches) Nr. 41 | DISBANNED!

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2e Jagers te Voet has changed his name to Nr.41.
We are a regiment for Iron Europe, mainly European.
Eventhough this is a German themed regiment we speak English and the orders
are also given in English, so if you're not German no worries.
Trolling, teamhitting, disobeying orders, etc is not tolerated.
Remeber: the best order to give is "don't die!"
We're now playing Darkest Hour Europe '44 - '45 aswell. Check us out there too!Ranks
| Officers | NCOs | Enlisted 1. Hauptmann (Hptm)1. Feldwebel-Leutnant (Fwltn) 1. Hauptgefreiter (HptGefr) 2. Oberleutnant (Obltn)2. Feldwebel (Fw) 2. Obergefreiter (ObGefr) 3. Leutnant (Ltn) 3. Vizefeldwebel (Vzfw)3. Gefreiter  (Gefr)                                      4. Unteroffizier (Uffz)4. Freiwilliger (Frei.)

* Monday - /
* Tuesday - Iron Europe 20:00CEST 
* Wednesday - /
* Thursday - /
* Friday - / 
* Saturday - Darkest Hour 19:30CEST
* Sunday -  / Roster
__| Officers |__
Hptm. Woeski
Ltn. Kolev
__| NCOs |__

__| Enlisted |__
ObGefr. Zidius
ObGefr. Fraude
ObGefr. Piggu
Gefr. GhostKiller
Frei. Veilja
Frei. Moody
Frei. Gemmy
Frei. Busyhead
Frei. Hans Timmermans
Frei. Altiris
Frei. Zash
Frei. Dawson
Frei. sir NICK
Frei. Saulniv (Rainbow)
Frei. Bóbr (DH only)
__| Reserve |__
Fei. Fruzhin
Frei. Calum
Frei. Kolo
Frei. GertBerg
Frei. Zoltan
Frei. papa Stalin
Frei. Darien
Frei. Javkopter
Frei. Damnhayel
Enlistment1. Join the steam group                 
2. Join our discord server.
3. Add me on steam.
4. Add the tags I give you and change your banner:

HistoryThe mobilization of the regiment took place on 2 August 1914. The regiment joined the Association of the 1st Infantry Division under the leadership of Lieutenant General von Conta.

1. East Prussian Grenadier Regiment No. 1 "Crown Prince" and the Infantry Regiment "von Boyen" (5th East Prussian) No. 41 together formed the 1st Infantry Brigade under command of Major General von Trotha. Other units of the brigade were the field artillery regThe units of the 1st Infantry Division rallied on 8 and 9 August 1914 in the Gumbinnen-Stallupönen area. Already on 10 Aug. 1914, there were battles with enemy cavalry, in the area of ​​Uszballen. The regiment took part in the Battle of Tannenberg and the Battle of the Masurian Lakes on the Eastern Front. After advancing Russian troops on the line Jablinka Duklapass the regiment was transferred in the Association of the 1st Infantry Division to the theater of war of the southern front in the Carpathians. On January 11, 1915, the Regiment relocated from Thorn via Wroclaw and Vienna to Munkacz, where it arrived on the morning of the 16th of January. In March, the 3rd Guards Division and the 1st Infantry Division were combined to form the "Corps Bothmer" under the command of General Graf von Bothmer.
In the next few months, there were numerous enemy contacts in this difficult for man and material combat area. On March 5, 1916, the regiment left this front area due to the relocation order to the Western Front. After several days of train travel, the regiment was discharged a few kilometers east of Metz in Wendel. From here, the regiment moved quarter east to Metz. It followed the use in the battle for Verdun. On April 24, the regiment first came into contact with the gas warfare of the Western Front. Toward evening of the day, the French troops began to cover the staging area of ​​the regiment in the Hardaumont Gorge with gas grenades. It followed in May, the fighting for the Fumin forest, here were the companies of the regiment under constant barrage of enemy artillery. The foremost positions were completely leveled and many soldiers were buried in them.

Furthermore, the use in June against the main line of defense of the French on the eastern bank of the Meuse should be mentioned. [16] In early August 1916, the regiment retired from the 1st Infantry Division. In mid-September, the regiment joined the newly formed 221st Infantry Division, with a subsequent rest period in the area of ​​Mouzon on the Meuse River until 18 October. From October 20, the use followed on the battlefields on the Somme. In the following months, the regiment took part in further hostilities on the Western Front.

On November 12, 1918, the regiment left the war zone and began the march back to the garrison town of Tilsit, where it arrived on December 21 and was demobilized. During the World War the regiment suffered heavy casualties. Wikipedia


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Made by: Kolev

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