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Format for Ban and Unban Requests. READ before you post.


As you can imagine, we get a lot of requests to have people banned or unbanned, in order for these to be dealt with quickly, it is critical that they are written up in a manner that allows us to sort through them quickly and concisely. This is the format that you should be following:

Unban request

In the event you are banned from our servers(NW_Official_NA1 and/or NW_Official_EU1) for a period longer than 1 hour (which is the length of a temporary ban) you can make a thread(new topic) on this forum requesting the ban is lifted. You will need the following details:

* Name under which you were banned - INCLUDE IN TOPIC TITLE
* Which official server(s) are you banned from?(NW_Official_NA1 and/or NW_Official_EU1):
* What was happening when you got banned:
* Did you break any other rules prior to your ban? (this may include any prior bans, or any other rules you were or were not punished for):
* Time and date when the account was banned:
* Timezone:
* User Identification Number* (This is a number server admins can find in their logs THIS IS NOT YOUR CD KEY, DONT POST YOUR CD KEY!) :
* Why should you be unbanned?:
When you have posted these details in your thread, leave it alone for a while and hopefully within a day or two our staff will have gotten around to dealing with it. You may be asked to provide more information on what you were doing, an admin may be called in to explain in greater detail why they banned you and you may be unbanned immediately or after a punishment duration decided upon by the staff.

Make sure that in your thread you remain courteous, avoid getting into fights with other posters and try to keep a level head so we can deal with the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you are not the person making the appeal, an admin, a witness or myself, then don't post in the thread, it reflects badly on whoever is interrupting and only makes the senior admins job more difficult.

And above all, make sure you are not spamming the threads or the forum in order to have your own case looked at more promptly. We try to deal with all cases within 2-3 days, occasionally one falls through the gaps and a bump is warranted. However, creating more threads or bumping when not needed is something which can lead to a ban being lengthened, so don't be tempted.(This includes PM)

In the very rare chance you are banned from the FSE teamspeak, you can make an unban request here.  Just put in FSE teamspeak where it asks what server you are banned from. 

Ban request

If you see someone misbehaving seriously and not being dealt with by an admin, you can post on this forum to request that they be log banned, which involves banning someone even if they are no longer on the server. Make sure to include:

* Name of the server you were on(NW_Official_NA1 or NW_Official_EU1):
* Name of the person causing trouble:
* Nature of their offense:
* Time and date of their offense:
* If needed, what your relationship was to the offense in question.:
* Any proof if you have it, For instance screenshots. (use spoilers!):
As with unbans we try to deal with these with 1-2 days but a certain delay can be expected. Typically speaking, only the more serious offenses will warrant a log ban, and whilst we have sympathy for anyone who is team-killed by someone who does a runner, its not particularly wise for us to consider log banning someone for such an offense. Racial or homophobic slurs, streaks of team-killing and team wounding, cheating or glitching, abuse of map mechanics and other more problematic offenses are the kind of thing that will receive a log ban. If you want to appeal a log ban, make your unban request as above and post a link to the original ban request.


Please note that whilst much of the community congregates on this site, we can only guarantee that requests from the official servers(NW_Official_NA1 or NW_Official_EU1) will be tended to. In the event of a request for another server or server group, we will try and make sure the relevant administration knows, but you will be better off attempting to contact them directly. With most servers, that means finding their thread in the server board located here.
Find their thread and do as they say to be unbanned, if they allow unbans. 


Naturally the administration of any server is bound to have problems and upsets, in which case you are free to contact any of the EU Senior admins: MrTiki, Cenzii;  NA Senior admins: Thunderstormer, LittleGuy directly via private message. The usual procedure for PM's remains; stay courteous and level headed, explain clearly what lead you to complain and include relevant times and dates. Bring any relevant evidence along when filing your complaint.  If you have any complaints about a Senior Administrator; contact Vincenzo. 

New User Corollary

When a person is banned, for whatever reason, I regard their persona as banned and do not expect to see them frequenting our servers or teamspeak any longer. However, as Napoleonic Wars is quite a fun game, I abide by a simple maxim when it comes to buying a new copy of it. That is, if you buy a new copy of the game, with a new name, no ties to your previous persona, you will not be pursued for any actions you committed previously - only the most egregious violations being exempt from this. In short, if you get permanently banned, buy a new CD-Key, get a new name and don't dwell on what you did previously.

Appeal Location
Note that we can only guarantee that appeals pertaining to the official server(NW_Official_NA1 or NW_Official_EU1), made on this forum section will be answered. Threads on other forums as well as private messages and appeals, will not be handled, but will instead be ignored. Appeals for unbans on other servers are to be posted in their thread unless stated otherwise. Look in their thread located in the server board to learn what you need to do to be unbanned if they do allow unbans.


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