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Iron Europe 2.0 Announcement - 8th June 2015

Good evening followers of the Iron Europe mod,

Good news from the front. Although we are choosing not to show any eye candy to you yet, we thought we had better let you know what’s going on. The remnants of the developer team are on leave from the busy time of school and work has recommenced on Iron Europe 2.0.

As eluded to above, the team is very much diminished, with several members needed elsewhere. Therefore, the developer team is looking for people with useful skills such as:

--- Quote ---
* 3d Modelling
* Mapping   
* Texturing
* Coding
--- End quote ---

If you’re interested, please contact us via the people below. We are both contactable on steam using the names provided below.

--- Quote ---
* NA contact: j12_19 (Rigadoon)
* EU contact: rusky87 (Baillie)
--- End quote ---

We will bring you exciting news and evidence soon, but for now, hold tight. In the mean time, please advertise this mod, and
tell all your friends of the aforementioned news.

The last released news from the team can be found here.

IE 1.21 events are still running, and can be found within this section of FSE.

Thank you, as ever, to those who continue to support us,
 IE 2.0 Development Team.

Support the mod, and spread the word by using this splendid signature!

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The Mighty McLovin:
Great news, IE developers. :)

Sweet, can't wait.

Hope this turns out nicely. Looking forward to it.


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