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Total Muslim Sound Conversion Pack [1.0]

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Ser Thomas:
Welcome! this mod has been in development for weeks now and I can finally release a full version for everyone to download! DOWNLOAD HERE!

To install just make a copy of your original sounds folder just incase you don't like the mod or you find it messing with your sounds. Then replace the new one with the old one.

This current verison of the mod includes:
-Warcries for every faction
-Round ended Nasheed's

Next Version of the mod is (hopefully) going to have:
-Replaced weapon sounds
-Custom voice acting by froi
- and many other things that are in the works!
Make sure to report bugs or thing you would like to be added on this FSE thread!


I mean great mod, installing now.


Mind if we see a preview?

Ser Thomas:

--- Quote from: Chieef on December 24, 2014, 11:30:33 pm ---Mind if we see a preview?

--- End quote ---
I don't have the full trailer out, but these vids all show the mod in action:


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