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Game Guide

Basic NW Controls

* Movement: WASD
* Melee Mode: X
* Use: FNew Shooting Controls:

* Aiming: Right-Click
* Shooting: Left-Click
* Reload: QAttachments:

* Sniper Scope Zoom: Left-Shift
* Bayonet: P
* Load Rifle Grenade: PNew Item Controls:

* Whistles: Right-Click, Select Song
* Binoculars: Right-Click
* Leave Grammophone: F
* Bandages/Morphine: Hit the person with it as you would with a melee weapon. Left-Click. Heavy Weapon Controls:

* Deploy Mortar/Ammobox: Right-Click
* Fire Artillery: Hold Right-Click
* Leave Heavy Machine Gun: Hold Right-Click
In-depth Explanations on New Features
Shooting Sytem
The new shooting system is more akin to typical FPS/TPS shooters. Right-Click toggles aiming and Left-Click shoots, while Q reloads. Different weapons have different reloads. For example, revolvers and tube feed weapons, such as the Lebel Rifle, reload rounds individually. So tap Q for a single load or hold it down to load till full. Magazine weapons, such as the light machine-guns, Gewehr 98, Berthier Carbine, and Kar98AZ, only require a single tap of Q to load the entire weapon.

Heavy Machine-Guns
1. Two people are required to spawn and use a Heavy Machine Gun. The classes can be found underneath the Heavy MG Squad in the Heavy tab. The gunner spawns the MG and the assistant spawns the MG belts.
2. The MG is deployed with Right-Click and picked up by finding the "Pick Up" prompt and holding F.
3. MG Belts must be placed in the MG before it can fire. Do this by having it in your hands finding the "Place Ammo Belt" prompt and holding F.
4. Control the MG by finding the "Take Control" prompt and holding F. Fire with left click. Once the ammunition is exhausted, a new belt must be placed.
5. Leave the MG by holding right click.

Bleeding and Medical Equipment
Taking a large amount of damage will cause bleeding, where you'll slowly lose health. Eventually, this will kill you, so you must get your wounds bandaged. The Support and Medic classes are the only classes that spawn with bandages, however, anybody can apply them by simply hitting the wounded person with the bandages. Medics are able to see a Red Cross icon over bleeding comrades from a distance of 15 feet. To recover health, you need morphine, which is spawned by medics, but like bandages, anyone can apply them.

Ammunition Crates
Ammunition Crates contain pools of ammunition that people can draw from. Different crates allow for different ammunition. The regular Ammo Crate, spawned by Support Rifleman, carries 500 pistol/rifle ammunition and can infinitely refill bandages and morphine. The LMG Ammo Crate, spawned by LMG Ammunition Bearers, carries 500 LMG ammunition and can infinitely spawn Heavy Machine Gun belts. To deploy a crate, right-click. To use it, look at it until you find the "Refill your ammo & resupply" prompt and hold F.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I shoot?
Check the Shooting System section in the guide above.

Why can't the bots shoot?
The bots are incapable of using the new shooting system. This is one of the things we're looking at in the development of the new version.

The servers are empty, when and where can I find people to play with?
IE_Official_1 often has a couple people playing on it from 6 to 9 PM GMT.

What are the current factions and which ones will be included in the future?
The current factions are Germany and France. The next faction is the United Kingdom, however, we will be fixing bugs and fleshing out the current factions before we begin work on them. We will decide where to go from there but most likely we will work on Eastern Front factions such as Austria-Hungary and Russia.

What is the time period of the mod?
Late 1916 to Early 1917. We chose this period because it covers some of the major battles of WWI, such as Verdun, the Somme, the Nivelle Offensive, and the Brusilov Offensive. It allows us to include some interesting late war weapons, such as the MG08-15 and VB rifle grenade while retaining the feel of trench warfare.

The unit names in the troop selection are in French and German, how am I suppose to read it?
There are English translations right underneath.

Why can't I attach a bayonet?
You need to be the right class and have the right weapon. Only the rifleman classes have access to bayonets, which are the Epee-Baionnette & the Seitengewehr, for France and Germany respectively. Be sure to select those and not the trench knives, as those cannot be attached to your rifle.

Does attaching a bayonet or a rifle grenade cup reduce accuracy?
Yes, however, only very slightly for the bayonet.

Why did I spawn with only 1/5/8 rounds?
The reload key is no longer Left-Click like in NW, it is Q. Reload to continue firing. Your ammunition count is displayed above the health bar. Check the Shooting System section in the guide above for more details.

Why can't I hop over or destroy barbed wire?
Having barbed wire that can be easily traversed would ruin the point of such an obstacle so it cannot be jumped over. As well, if you are having trouble destroying barbed wire, be sure to be hit the posts with thrust attacks. For some strange reason, side and overhead attacks don't work very well so you're pretty much hopeless taking down wire with trench clubs. We will try to get this fixed in the near future. The short barbed wire, made from logs, cannot be destroyed.

Why isn't the Chauchat in-game an awful weapon like it was in real life?
In P├ętain's 1917 survey of French weapons, many regiments called it a very effective offensive and defensive weapon. It was noted as being useful providing flanking fire, defending conquered trenches, and during offensives, using walking fire. Many Chauchats were noted to have fired thousands of rounds perfectly during combat. They did note some stoppages due to lip deformation and dirt, but it's not as common as people nowadays think it was. The bad reputation of the gun stems from the American model, Mle 18, which converted the Chauchat to using the US .30-06. It didn't work out and had tons of issues due to the .30-06 being more powerful 8mm Lebel and just poor manufacturing. Pretty much it was useless and really did jam after a couple rounds like the myths say. Even though American troops were primarily armed with the original French Mle 15 with Lebel rounds, a few Mle 18s were sent to the front lines. They never saw combat but reports of their malfunctions were widely published, and the bad reputation of a constantly jamming gun spread to the name of the Chauchat, both Mle 15 and 18.

Why is the Kar98K in the mod when it wasn't used until WWII?
The weapon in the mod is the K98AZ, very different from the Kar98K. The K98AZ started being issued to cavalry and artillery units before WWI and some ways into the war, started being used by assault troops.

Is this mod still being updated? What can we expect?
See Developer Blogs 3 and 4 for more details.

The bots can shoot now btw.


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