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Community name: Hruon
Steam Name: Hruon
Age: 21
Location/Timezone: EST
Applying for (NA1 or EU1): Either
Regiments: 5thGA-Bcof, 1st FL and 1st CHLS-North and south.
About yourself: I started playing N&S around 2016 and was active in that community until 2019 . I purchased BCOF about a year ago and have been playing it actively since.
Why you would be a good admin: I have been a admin in the past for events and communities in N&S and NW as well as admin for Saturday event once or twice. and I can take feedback without freaking out about it.
Will you be able to help administer the Public Linebattle or other possible events on the official servers?: Sure if needed
Previous Experience (if any):NW,N&S, 1 holdfast, 1 mount and blade warband event.
Your steam ID 64: Hruon1st

Events / Re: BlackWatch Sunday Event (Weekly)
« on: April 05, 2016, 03:45:03 am »
Regiment name:14th french foreign legion
Regimental Steam Contact:
Unit Type: Lmg/squad
Expected attendance:4
Will you attend weekly? Thats the legit plan
Did you read and accept the rules? Yes

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