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Regiments / 4th "King's Own" Regiment of Foot (NOW THE 88TH)
« on: May 14, 2020, 06:00:00 pm »


This is the official page for the recruitment/organization of the 4th Regiment of Foot, founded by SirBeef. In this regiment, we are a group of veteran and new members looking to keep the NW community alive by attending events and being active in the community, all while having fun and messing around in the game. The regiment has a few core values that we try to follow:

-Do not troll or cause drama among the regiment or with other regiments
-Attend events on a somewhat-regular schedule
-Put in effort to recruit new members into the regiment
-Take the game seriously when in events, and do not trash the regiments name or make a bad example


If there are any questions about this regiment/joining this regiment, feel free to contact me on steam, SirBeef:

Off Topic / Put a picture of yourself in here, no balls. I'll go first.
« on: December 27, 2019, 05:24:42 am »
do it or liberals will win in 2020

Regiments / 11e Regiment d'Infanterie (NA-Recruiting)
« on: February 22, 2017, 05:35:12 am »
11e Regiment d'Infanterie

The 11e Regiment d'Infanterie is now recruiting NA members to join up in arms with us to fight for Napoleon! Historically, the 11e was under Napoleon's control during the Napoleonic Wars, having 4 Battalions under their control as well. They fought against the Spanish during the war, gaining much experience in the ranks of their men. This led them on to a successful career in the French military, until their surrender to the Germans at the start of World War II. For our members, we would like to first set down some ground rules that we would like people to abide by. First, we don't want any trolls at all. Bush Wookies and team-killers make regiments look bad and unprofessional, which we are not in the business of. Secondly, we want everyone to be respected in the regiment, no matter their role. Whether it be their skill or playing style, or their personality such as in teamspeak. No hazing will be tolerated. Lastly, we want everyone in our community to have fun. We are all in the regiment to have a good time, and experience what it might have been like for the 11e back in the old days. Join up today!

Our Ranking System:
Colonel - Col
Chef de Batallion - CdB
Capitaine - Cpt
Lieutenant - Lt
Sous-Lieutenant - SLt
Adjutant Chef - AdjC
Adjutant - Adj
Sergent Major - SgtMaj
Sergent - Sgt
Caporal - Cpl
Fusilier de Premiere - FusP
Fusilier - Fus
Soldat de Premiere - SoP
Soldat de Deuxieme - SoD
Cadet - Cad
-Garde Ranks-
Entraineur - Entr
Caporal Fourrier Premiere - CplFoP [Not In Use]
Caporal Fourrier - CplFo
Garde de Premiere - GrdP
Garde Veteran - GrdV
Garde - Grd

Feel free to add any of our leaders on Steam, or even join our steam group. We also have a Teamspeak that is running 24/7 for anyone that would like to use it freely. Hope to see you on the battlefield, soldier! ~Colonel Beef

Beef's Steam:
Viper's Steam :
Handley's Steam:
Alexander's Steam:
Steam Group for 11e:

Regiments / 82nd Prince of Wales' Own Volunteers [NA-Recruiting]
« on: February 12, 2017, 02:17:37 am »

The 82nd Regiment of Foot has been in service since the year 1793, acting under the control of Colonel Leigh, during the beginning of the Napoleonic Wars. Today, we are a group of active people in the NW Community, trying to achieve better with our group members, and practicing coordination, teamwork, and precision. We are looking for active members of the community to join up in arms with us, in order to fight for the crown!

Ranking System
Col - Colonel
LtC - Lieutenant Colonel
Maj - Major
Capt - Captain
Lieut - Lieutenant
Ens - Ensign
RSM - Regimental Sergeant Major
SgtMaj - Sergeant Major
CSgt- Colour Sergeant
Sgt - Sergeant
Cpl - Corporal
LCpl - Lance Corporal
Pte - Private

If interested in joining the regiment, contact the Colonel, or join the Steam Group! We will see you on the battlefield fighting for the Queen!

Union / 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry
« on: February 09, 2017, 03:55:55 am »
6th Pennsylvania Cavalry

The 6th Pennsylvania was a Union Regiment during the American Civil War. They have their own unit in game as well! This is just a post to reserve the name, and we hop to see people come together and fight with us in the long run on the battlefield. For the Union!

If you want to get involved with this North American Regiment, add one of the two leaders on steam, or join the steam group, all posted below.

Regiments / 2te Westfalisches Infanterie (2teWRI Recruiting)
« on: November 18, 2016, 11:11:29 pm »
Welcome to the 2te Westfalisches Infanterie!

The 2teWI was a historic regiment that fought alongside 4 other regiments that were from Westphalia, and they all fought under the Prussian flag, hence this regiment being Prussian. Although they did not see much action in the time that they served, they were a very cool regiment that had an interesting history behind them. Here in the 2te, we have a couple of rules that we would like people to go by, while they are in the regiment. Those rules include following orders once they are given, and not giving any back talk to the officers, and letting them lead us to victory. Also, we are a uniform regiment that does not appreciate people who purposefully team-kill and break the rules in-game. We want to respect other regiments, the admins for the events, and our own members as well. No discrimination, and steer away from racist comments. If all of these rules and conditions sound interesting to you, Join the 2te Today!

We Hope to see YOU on the battlefield fighting for the Glory of Prussia and Westphalia!

Union / 20th Maine Volunteers [NA]
« on: October 23, 2016, 10:41:22 pm »
20th Maine Volunteers

The 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry regiment was mustered into service under the command of Colonel Adelbert Ames. They fought in many historic battles, including Gettysburg, where they played a key role in holding their position and eventually charging on Litte Round Top under the command of the well known Colonel Joshua Chamberlain. They disbanded shortly after the war had ended. They had over 1,000 men, with 147 KIA, 146 dead from disease, and 300+ wounded. They have a monument that still stands at Gettysburg to this day.

Battle History
Spotsylvania Court House
Five Forks

Ranking System
Lieutenant Colonel
1st Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenant
Sergeant Major
Quartermaster Sergeant
1st Sergeant
Ordinance Sergeant
Lance Corporal
Private First Class

Joining Information

You can add the leader of the new 20th Maine on steam, [20thME] JustCallMeAaron or go to the link for his steam:

We hope to see you soon alongside us on the battlefield, fighting for freedom!

Confederates / 1st Maryland Battalion [NA]
« on: October 08, 2016, 02:55:10 am »
1st Maryland Battalion


At the First Battle of Manassas, also known as the First Battle of Bull Run, on July 21, 1861, the 1st Maryland was combined with the 13th Virginia Infantry, 10th Virginia Infantry and 3rd Tennessee Regiments to form the 4th Brigade, led by Brigadier General E. Kirby Smith. Smith's men were late in arriving at the battle and approached the Confederate left near Chinn Ridge. The battle got off to a bad start when Elzey was forced to assume temporary command of the brigade, as General Smith was shot from his horse and injured by enemy fire. However, Elzey was able to bring his men into line facing the flank of the Federal army, the brigade commanded by General Oliver O. Howard. His men advanced to the edge of a wood without being detected by the Union army and opened fire, after which they charged over open ground into the Union position. Soon they were joined by Colonel Jubal A. Early on the Confederate left flank and shortly afterwards Howard's line began to disintegrate. As the federal forces fled, General Beauregard congratulated Elzey, commending him as "the Blucher of the day".

After the battle Elzey was promoted to Brigade Commander, and Colonel George H. Steuart was given command of the 1st Maryland Regiment. Major Bradley Johnson was appointed his second in command.

During the winter of 1861-2 the regiment was quartered at Centerville. In April 1862 it was marched back to the Rappahannock River, and assigned to the command of General Richard S. Ewell, following which the regiment joined General "Stonewall" Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley, meeting him at Luray, Virginia. At this point an unsuccessful attempt was made to form a "Maryland Line" in the CSA, uniting all Maryland units under one command.

Under Steuart's command the regiment was drilled relentlessly. Steuart soon began to acquire a reputation as a strict disciplinarian, eventually gaining the admiration of his men, though initially unpopular as a result. Steuart was said to have ordered his men to sweep the bare dirt inside their bivouacs and, rather more eccentrically, was prone to sneaking through the lines past unwitting sentries, in order to test their vigilance.[6] On one occasion this plan backfired, as Steuart was pummeled and beaten by a sentry who later claimed not to have recognized the general. Eventually however, Steuart's "rigid system of discipline quietly and quickly conduced to the health and morale of this splendid command."According to Major W W Goldsborough, who served under Steuart at Gettysburg: " was not only his love for a clean camp, but a desire to promote the health and comfort of his men that made him unyielding in the enforcement of sanitary rules. You might influence him in some things, but never in this". George Wilson Booth, a young officer in Steuart's command at Harper's Ferry in 1861, recalled in his memoirs: "The Regiment, under his master hand, soon gave evidence of the soldierly qualities which made it the pride of the army and placed the fame of Maryland in the very foreground of the Southern States".

Battle History

First Battle of Manassas
Shenandoah Valley Campaign
Peninsular Campaign
Battle of Winchester
Battle of Front Royal
Battle of Cross Keys

Ranking System

Lieutenant Colonel
1st Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenant
Sergeant Major
Lance Corporal
Private First Class
Volunteer (Mercenary)

Enlist Today!

Thanks to the old Colonel of the 1st Maryland, Mittens, we were fortunate enough to carry on the legacy and the name of the 1st Maryland in the North and South Community. We look forward to facing the enemy in battle and doing the best we can to win. With our efforts comes training, which is provided weekly to anyone that wants to attend that is in the regiment. If you would like to join add [1stMD] Thomas on steam, or join the steam group "1st Maryland Battalion [NA]

Union / 5th New Hampshire Volunteers (Reserved-NA)
« on: August 06, 2016, 11:30:29 pm »
5th New Hampshire Volunteers

Since my attempt at creating the 33rd Virginia was stripped from me, twice, by members of the LCA, because apparently it was reserved, and there was nothing on the forums that said so, I am making the 5th New Hampshire. We are a North American regiment in the North and South community looking to have fun and looking to better the skills of others that are wishing to join us in battle. We don't tolerate any teamkilling, trolling, or foul language when our members have our tags on while in-game. We want all people, inside and outside of the regiment, to be respected. Except for the LCA.

Ranking System
Officer Ranks:
Second Lieutenant

NCO Ranks
Sergeant Major
Quartermaster Sergeant
Ordinance Sergeant

Enlisted Ranks
Lance Corporal
Volunteer (Recruit Rank)

If you would be interested in either helping to get Levy banned from both North and South and Napoleonic Wars, or you would like to join the 5th New Hampshire for a good in-game experience, please feel free to join our steam group.

Regiments / 82nd Prince of Wales Regiment of Foot (NA)
« on: July 27, 2016, 12:15:44 am »

Welcome to the 82nd Forum Page!

We are a fairly new regiment in the North American NW community, but all of our members have currently had some past experience in the game as well. We are a professional regiment that would like to strive to be the best that we can to keep the community strong! Please support us and other regiments by joining up today!

Regiments / 82nd Prince of Wales' Volunteers
« on: March 04, 2016, 08:42:14 pm »
Hello there :)

If you'd like to join add Delta or MistaGully on steam. Or, join the steam group: 82nd "Wales' Volunteers"

Hope you can join us for some fun!

Confederates / Recruiting of the 16thMOR!
« on: August 17, 2015, 05:16:36 pm »
Join The
16th Missouri Rifles

The 16thMOR is looking for new members! We need fresh recruits with experience in the North and South module for Napoleonic Wars, and also need some with leading experience as well! If you wish to join, send me an e-mail to, or if you have Steam, add AaronTheMan123 on there.

Code Of Conduct

In the 16thMOR, we look for a couple key traits that can contribute to the growth of the regiment, and let us thrive in battle.

 Maturity- This is a given. We don’t look for this as often when we’re outside of events and trainings and such of that nature, but, if you’re in-game, and making a bad name for the regiment with your in-game tags on, you will either receive a sizable demotion from the rank you are, or kicked out of the regiment.
 Leadership- Say the 16thMOR was in the middle of a battle, and the leader died. If you were second in command, we would look for you to react quickly, and respond to the situation, without losing a lot of men doing so. It may be hectic, but in those moments, people’s leadership traits kick in, and that’s what we look for.
 Loyalty- The last thing we look for in a strong regiment is loyalty. We look for people who stay close to the leader, when times are tough, who help the regiment out when things are chaotic. We look for people who will be loyal to the 16thMOR.

In Game Experience

Of Course it’s not all being serious during the events we partake in, another goal of this regiment is to give our members a feel of what it would be like to be in that time period, in that place, and give them an experience like no other. If not known already, the time period that the 16th Missouri Rifles were around was 1862-1865. We try to relate to that time period by giving our members historically accurate ranks, and also the flag used in-game was used by Missouri regiments.


As said before, the 16thMOR uses historically accurate ranks, as used during the civil war. The ranks that are listed below go from highest to lowest, and if the rank isn’t filled in, it has not been taken by someone already. Also, the number next to the rank shows how many there can be in the regiment.

Colonel(1)- Aaron
Lieutenant Colonel(1)-
Sergeant Major(1)-
Colour Sergeant(1)-
Staff Sergeant(1)-
Lance Corporal(4)-
Corporal Forward(5)-
Private Second Class(2)-
Private First Class(3)-
Junior Cadet(5)-

As said before, we are looking for strong members, who are mature, but still know to have fun when the time is right. Hope to see you soon on the battlefield, taking up arms with the 16thMOR.

-Colonel Aaron

Confederates / 16th Missouri Infantry! We need good people!
« on: August 16, 2015, 04:17:05 pm »
Welcome to the recruiting page of the 16thMI! We would be glad to have you as part of our regiment, in the North and South mod for Mount and Blade: Warband- Napoleonic Wars. If you would like to take up arms with us, please add AaronTheMan123 on steam, and he will accept the friend request as soon as possible!

The rankings are historically accurate, as is the flag we use for when we are playing the game.
The Ranks are as listed, and if left blank, that position will be up for grabs!

Colonel- Aaron
Lieutenant Colonel-
Sergeant Major-
Staff Sergeant-
Lance Corporal-
Private First Class-

Confederates / 17thTXR
« on: August 15, 2015, 06:32:52 pm »
Rights to the name 17thTXR are reserved for AaronTheMan33, and his Texas Rifles.

If you would like to join, add AaronTheMan123 on steam, and take up arms with the 17thTXR. We need new recruits, especially people with leading experience!

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