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Luxembourg Minor Friday Cavalry Battle
« on: December 04, 2017, 07:40:44 am »
Luxembourg Minor Cavalry Battle

Event Information
(40 Slots)

Event Starts at 7:00PM CTZ, Ends at 8:00PM CTZ
Representatives are expected to join the Ts3, 15-20 minutes before the event.
Ts3 IP:
Server slots are come and go, specialities apply the same way.
Due to the fact this is a cavalry battle, specialties would include only Lancers and Dragoons. Factions will be France and Austria.


General rules:You may not mix your unit one cavalry unit only, Do not team kill or team dismount on purpose, no trolling, chat spam, lacking tags, Do not Rambo, do not steal horses,One officer max.

Dragoon Rules:You may FoC,but may not,FoL,RoC,RoL. Dragoons in order to fire must be in a line of at least 3 or a stationary formation of at least three (Exp:A wedge). Dragoons may have 3 horse spaced spread, Dragoons may dismount to fire, but may not act as infantry.

Contact Information
Event Host

 Regiment Name:
Requested Specialty if any:
Faction side:
Leaders steam (link):
Expected Attendance:
Do you agree to abide by all the rules:

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Re: Luxembourg Minor Friday Cavalry Battle
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