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Welcome to the Americas ! Where Persistent Frontier rises once more !

We are proud to present you our first and hopefully not last Persistent server Project. This server will have reserved factions but will be completely open to public and everyone will be able to enjoy every features even without being part of a group. We are looking for extended features and the ideas we have to help create a natural world will definitely seduce RP players as well as more casual ones where the economy will be the main aspect of the game which will create intrigues and useful convoy raiding as well as trade. Factions will be divided into companies and ranks at the appreciation of the leader whereas indian tribes will be divided into clans or families just like the outlaw faction. The server name will be A_New_Step and we expect to launch it in more or less 1 week,2 weeks maximum, every players must come in the discord to check the rules, updates and to ask details.
A huge thank to the Bataillon Sacrée providing us the server !  ;D
There will be 3 european factions + the revolting city of Quebec, 2 native factions (they will get to choose their faction name) and the bandits. Here is a list of the available factions:

La Vice-Royauté de Nouvelle-France with 2 forts
The British Empire with 2 forts
Virreinato de Nueva España with 1 fort
The Frontiersmen clans and families with several hideouts
Each Native nation will have 1 camp
Quebec's revolt with the city

Discord's server:
My steam:
Sign Up Format:
A faction needs to have about 20 men attendance and a family/clan is between 5 and 10, it is therefore recommanded for structures to merge in order to create real power houses, your groupe must be apart of a faction.
Regiment/Clan/Family name:
Amount Attending :
Faction :
Leader and Second discord name:

Faction/Clan/Family/name (precise which one it is): British Empire , 25y Smolenskiy Pehotny Polk
Amount Attending : 7
Leader and Second steam link: ,


--- Quote from: Wolf312 on August 09, 2021, 07:32:25 pm ---Faction/Clan/Family/name (precise which one it is): British Empire , 25y Smolenskiy Pehotny Polk
Amount Attending : 7
Leader and Second steam link: ,

--- End quote ---

Noted  :) thanks for signing up

Faction/Clan/Family/name (precise which one it is): Le Royaume de France avec 2 forts
Amount Attending : 15-20
Leader and Second steam link:

Faction: British Empire (32nd Regiment of Foot)
Amount Attending : 5-10
Leader and Second steam link:


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