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The Groupfighting Server boasts an excellent admin team to keep your experience as leisurely as possible. We use a variety of scripts to ensure
that rule breaking is kept to a minimum and have an automated leaderboard which displays your kills, deaths and their ratio to give the server a
slight competitive feel. All of our maps are community made both new and old with new maps being added each month when provided.
This is what makes our server so unique to others alongside a fun and friendly player base so why not come and join in.

Server Owner

Co-Owner (1%)

Head Admins



View the full admin list here:

GF Admins Steamgroup         



•   No shooting
•   Bayonets only
•   No racism or discrimination of any kind
•   Do not abuse/insult admins
•   Line infantry only
•   No impersonation
•   No recruiting
•   Do not delay the rounds
•   Do not spam the chat
•   Do not instigate arguments
•   No double spawning
•   No autoblocking / use of external hacks / abuse of in-game movement hacks
•   No teamkilling on purpose
•   No ban evasion

Admin Application
In-Game Name:
Steam Name:
Regiment/Rank(If Any):
Admin Experience:
Spoken Languages:
Banned before? (If yes, state why):
Player ID:
Reason Why You Want This Role
(Make it detailed and unique):              Ban Request
Your In-game Name:
Their In-game Name:
Reason For Ban:
Evidence (screenshots):
Time/date (this is very helpful to us):
              Unban Request
In-game Name:
Admin Who Banned You (If Known):
Reason For Ban:
Time/date (If Known):
Apology/Statement Against Ban:
Player ID (If Known):

Note: This must be made by
         the banned individual!

Map Submissions
Send Bobertini a PM here or on Steam.
         Donate to The Groupfighting Server
Click here to donate!         Server Specifications
•   100 Slots
•   Location: Strasbourg, France
•   Cost: €12.50pm

Backup Server - Strasbourg - Cost: £0pm

Website Cost: £3.50pm

Here you can find the leader board to track your progress as well as find out who is the player of the week / month!
Past Threads: (V1) (V2)

Here you can find all information including signup information on ongoing / past tournaments held on this server

Here you can find the tournament queue to see what type of tournament is coming soon and what it entails!

Good Luck ;D

I like the concept. Good luck :)


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