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Napoleonic Wars Official Server Rules


Napoleonic Wars: Official Server Rules

- Do not make derogatory remarks to other players or regiments on the server, or about players who may not be on the server. This includes, but is not limited to, racist, sexist, homophobic and bigoted insults, as well as personal attacks and harassment. There is a no tolerance policy for derogatory remarks like slurs on the server.  Using them in general will make you liable to be removed from the server.

- Do not intentionally wound or kill members of your own team (this includes their horses also).

- Do not harass or argue with admins. In the event that you are unhappy with an admins behaviour or ruling on a matter, please take a record and appeal to Deofuta, Thunderstormer, or Littleguy for NA, and MrTiki or Cenzii for EU.

- Do not impersonate any other individual or group. Doing so will be treated harshly, regardless of intention or excuse.  This includes impersonating in the chat.

- A regiment may advertise once per map, regardless of how many rounds are played on it. This applies to advertisements, both general and individual. This also includes messages for an entire group like an Army etc,.  Regular advertisement like your youtube, twitch, facebook, etc,. are included in this rule.

- Do not delay.

- Do not build Earthworks in doorways.  This includes artillery and plank spam as well.            You can cover the stairs with a set of planks but do not spam them.   

- Preset artillery pieces operate on the principle of ‘first come, first serve’. The player that reaches a piece first then ‘owns’ that piece for the round, but must yield to another cannoneer, if any, in the next round. If someone spawns their own artillery piece, it is theirs to control.(this may include their group)  Do not steal it.

- Any sort of behaviour that results in unwelcome responses will be dealt with i.e. trolling/annoyance.

- Any action that warrants unfair game-play is not permitted such as glitching, hacking or cheating.

- Any European language is permitted, spam on the other hand is not.

- Use the build points to help your team.  They are meant to assist your team in the killing of the enemy or protecting your team from the enemy.  This does not mean you are allowed to make private forts/defenses/sky towers for yourself. They are also not meant to be used get to places that players were never meant to be.  If you have to build/destroy something to get there, do not do it. 

- Admins have the final decision in any case.

These set of rules can be amended without prior notice, rules must be followed on all official servers and may be used for private servers.
The FSE Administration Team


- It is your responsibility to know the server rules and abide by them.
- Belonging to a specific group responsible of breaking rules, can possibly make anyone within that group to become liable.
-Here are the rules for Official server events.  You are expected to follow both set of rules during an event. 


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