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The Mess Hall / Whats NW Standpoint on Discord?
« on: October 11, 2016, 01:55:08 am »
Well, I was curious, what is the majority opinion about discord compared to teamspeak? It is really modern and sleek and can be easily joined from a Mobile Device unlike ts3 which costs $5.00 in the App Store.  But does it fall too short for regiments to have upwards of 20 people in the server. Almost forgot to say that the servers are free to create and run unlike team speak. Whats everyones Ooinion?

Regiments / 1tes Brunswick Leib Battalion "Black Legion" [NA]
« on: August 27, 2016, 05:06:59 am »

Historical Background

In 1806 the Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, Charles William Ferdinand, was fatally wounded during the Prussian defeat at the Battle of Jena-Auerstedt. Following Prussia's defeat and the collapse of the Fourth Coalition against Napoleon, his duchy remained under French control. Rather than permit the Duke's heir, Frederick William, to succeed to his father's title, Napoleon seized the duchy and, in 1807, incorporated it into his newly created model Kingdom of Westphalia ruled by his brother Jérôme. Two years later in 1809 the Fifth Coalition against Napoleon was formed between the Austrian Empire and the United Kingdom. The dispossessed Frederick William, who had been a strenuous critic of French domination in Germany, seized this opportunity to seek Austrian help to raise an armed force. To finance this venture he mortgaged his principality in Oels. In its initial incarnation (dated to 25 July 1809), the 2300-strong 'free' corps consisted of two battalions of infantry, one Jäger battalion, a company of sharpshooters, and a mixed cavalry contingent including Hussars and Uhlans.[1][4]

Despite a successful campaign with their Austrian allies, the defeat of the latter at the Battle of Wagram on 6 July 1809 led to the Armistice of Znaim on 12 July. Frederick William refused to accept this and led his Schwarze Schar ("Black Host") into Germany, succeeding in briefly taking control of the city of Brunswick. Faced with superior Westphalian forces, the Brunswickers conducted a remarkable fighting retreat across Germany, twice holding off the pursuing armies at the Battle of Halberstadt and the Battle of Ölper; finally being evacuated by the Royal Navy from the mouth of the River Weser. Landing in England, the duke was welcomed by his cousin and brother-in-law, the Prince Regent (later King George IV) and the Black Brunswickers entered British service.[5] During the next few years, the Brunswickers earned themselves a sound reputation through service with the British in the Peninsular Campaign. However, steady attrition in battles and skirmishes through Portugal and Spain, combined with a lack of political support and financial difficulties, led to a situation where the unit's imminent disbandment looked likely.

When organized for British service, the corps was renamed the Brunswick Oels Jäger and Brunswick Oels Hussar Regiments. Prussians represented a large part of the original officer corps, while the enlisted men were motivated by German patriotism. However, once the Oels entered English service, they were cut off from their natural recruiting grounds. Compelled to enlist men from the prisoner of war camps to fill up the ranks, the quality of soldiers in the Oels decreased. Worse, the King's German Legion obtained the best of the German recruits, leaving the Oels with the less desirable ones. In addition to Germans, the Oels recruited Poles, Swiss, Danes, Dutch, and Croats. Charles Oman, the Peninsular War historian, calls the Oels a "motley crew, much given to desertion" and records one occasion where ten men were caught deserting in a body. Of these, four were shot and the rest flogged.

Following Napoleon's disastrous invasion of Russia in 1812, and his subsequent retreat back into France, Frederick William was able to return to Brunswick in 1813 to reclaim his title. He also took the opportunity to replenish the ranks of his Black Brunswickers. Upon Napoleon's escape from Elba in 1815 he once more placed himself under the Duke of Wellington's command and joined the allied forces of the Seventh Coalition in Belgium. The "Brunswick Corps", as it is called in the order of battle for the Waterloo Campaign, formed up as a discrete division in the allied reserve. Its strength is given as 5376 men, composed of eight infantry battalions; one Advance Guard or Avantgarde, one Life Guard or Leib-Bataillon, three Light and three Line Battalions. They were supported by both a horse and foot artillery battery of eight guns each. Also included were a regiment of Brunswicker Hussars and a single squadron of Uhlans were often attached to the allied cavalry corps.

A French infantry attack was halted by the allied front line, which was attacked in turn by French cavalry. Wellington moved the Brunswick infantry into the front line, where they were subjected to intense French artillery fire, forcing tham to fall back a short distance. As a mass of French infantry advanced up the main road, the Black Duke led a charge by his uhlans, but they were beaten back. Swept by canister shot at short range, the Brunswickers broke and rallied at the crossroads itself. At this point, the Duke, who was reforming his troops, was hit by a musket ball, which passed through his hand and into his liver. He was rescued by the men of the Lieb Regiment, who carried him back using their muskets as a stretcher. He died shortly afterwards. Allied reinforcements, including the newly arrived Brunswick 1st and 3rd Light Regiments, had driven the French back to their starting positions.[15] Brunswick losses that day amounted to 188 killed and 396 wounded.

Only two days later, on Sunday 18 June, the Duke of Wellington positioned his Anglo-Allied Army along a ridge near the village of Waterloo, in order to block Napoleon's advance along the road to Brussels. The Brunswick Corps formed part of Wellington's Reserve Corps, under his personal command.[17] In that capacity, they were kept well behind the crest of the ridge and avoided casualties during the opening French bombardment. In the early part of the afternoon, the British Foot Guards moved down the slope to reinforce the Château d'Hougoumont, which was under fierce French attack; the Brunswick Corps was brought forward to take their place.

The French capture of the fortified farm of La Haye Sainte had left a gap in the centre of Wellington’s line, and the Brunswick infantry were brought along to fill it. It was here that Napoleon sent one of two attacks by his Imperial Guard in a last gasp effort to break Wellington’s army. Faced with the veterans of the Grenadiers of the Middle Guard, the inexperienced Brunswickers broke from the line and "fell back in disorder", but rallied when they reached the cavalry reserve in the rear. The same fate befell the Nassau Infantry Regiment and two British battalions. Finally, the Guards were halted and thrown back when they were surprised by a flank attack from Dutch troops.[19] The Brunswick Corps had recovered sufficiently to participate in the allied “General Advance” that swept the French army from the field. British sources give the number of Brunswickers killed in action that day as 154 with 456 wounded and 50 missing.[20] In the following days, they escorted 2,000 French prisoners back to Brussels and then marched on to Paris. They finally returned to Brunswick on 6 December 1815.[21]


Kpt. Deadeye | CAV

Fw. FleshLicker | ARTY
Full List
Monday Linebattle: 8pm EST
Tuesday Linebattle: 8pm EST

What we have to Offer

Enjoy playing as Line Infantry, Artillery, or Cavalry? Well you're in luck! We have all three detachments in an organized fashion; each company with its own unique leader. You can never get bored as you can play a different detachment on certain event nights etc. With plenty of room to grow in three companies, our members have the chance to climb through the ranks as an artillerist, horsemen, and fusilier of Brunswick.

Regiments / 5te East Prussian Fusilier Battalion [NA Light Infantry]
« on: July 26, 2016, 07:59:59 am »
thread wip

Media / Nr7 Grenadier Battalion Stark Videos! [NA]
« on: July 06, 2016, 09:58:11 am »
Welcome to the Nr.7 Grenadier Battalion Stark's YouTube Videos. We heavily edit our videos to add comedy and music to the videos we provide.
Videos are usually uploaded around 2 times a week averaging around 10-15 minutes long, Some video may be longer and no editting so that we can show you the raw experience of the Nr.7 We hope you enjoy!
Public Linebattles

Regiments / Nr.7 Grenadier Battalion Stark "Carl Schröder" [NA]
« on: May 17, 2016, 03:13:45 am »

Battle Honours

- before Aspern: Brig. Steyrer, Div. Lindenau, Reserve Corps.

- before Aspern: Brig. Rohan, I Reserve Corps or Div. Rohan, I Reserve Corps. Formed the vanguard of the Division Ludwig Hohenlohe-Wartenburg-Bartenstein (Hohenzollern Corps) at Teugen-Hausen. Temporarily attached to the V army Corps.
- at Aspern: idem

- at Wagram: Brig. Steyrer, Div. Prohaszka, Reserve Corps (Grenadiers Reserve).

- after Wagram: idem

note: Stark battalion had heavy losses at Hausen (Teugen) and Eckmühl when it was attached to the V Corps.


Sunday: Artillery Linebattle @9 EST PM

Sunday Afternoon: Battalion Training @ 8 PM EST - 9 Pm Est

Battalion Muster Roll


Kommandaten [2]

Hauptmann Deadeye

OberLeutenant Jake

Leutenant - Vacant

Unteroffizier [4]

Fahnrich Vacant

Offiziersstellvertreter Vacant

Feldwebel Vacant

Korporal FleshLicker

Korporal Cloneboy404

Korporal Banks

Korporal Fiffer
Soldaten [23]

Guard Quick

Guard Aaron

Guard Vacant

Fuesilier Vacant
Fuesilier Vacant
Fuesilier Vacant

Gefreiter Dexter

Gefreiter Junior

Gefreiter Electroduck

Gefreiter Ahri

Gefreiter Errent

Gefreiter Butler

Gemeiner Baker

Gemeiner Lawless

Gemeiner Spook

Gemeiner Mmarchi

Gemeiner Angels

Gemeiner WafflesSr

Gemeiner Smochee

Gemeiner Octavian

Gemeiner Constantinople

Gemeiner MadBomber6

Gemeiner Eisen

Gemeiner Umbreon

Gemeiner Aerdan

Gemeiner Ttown

Gemeiner Vlop

Gemeiner LyingNinja

Gemeiner JustinAirsoft

Rekruten/Reservist [~]

Rekrut tba

Rekrut tba

Rekrut tba

Rekrut tba

Rekrut tba

Rekrut tba

Rekrut tba

Rekrut tba

Rekrut  tba

Reservist [2]

Reservist Bus

Reservist Green


1 versus 1 Record

Wins: 112

01. Nr7 |4-1| Nr11
02. Nr7 |5-2| 1stSGI
03. Nr7 |8-1| 80th
04. Nr7 |3-0| 85th
05. Nr7 |6-2| 16thFG
06. Nr7 |9-1| KHI
07. Nr7 |6-0| 52nd
08. Nr7 |5-2| 00th
09. Nr7 |7-3| 23rdRWF
10. Nr7 |3-1| 78th
11. Nr7 |7-3| 111e
12. Nr7 |6-1| 32nd
13. Nr7 |3-1| 25e
14. Nr7 |6-3| 79th
15. Nr7 |9-0| Nr11
16. Nr7 |8-1| 51 stRM
17. Nr7 |9-4| 8th RHA
18. Nr7 |6-2| 60th
19. Nr7 |6-4| 4teSLR
20. Nr7 |8-2| 7th
21. Nr7 |6-3| 99th
22. Nr7 |7-1| 1stRL
23. Nr7 |7-3| 27th
24. Nr7 |2-1| 3rdFG
25. Nr7 |6-2| 49e
26. Nr7 |6-4| 99th
27. Nr7|8-2| 22te
28. Nr7 |7-1| PIR
29. Nr7 |7-3| 19thYork
30. Nr7 |9-3| 60th
31. Nr7 |6-4| 60th
32. Nr7 |6-4| Nr.37
33. Nr7 |9-2| 3teKLR
34. Nr7 |7-3| 28th
35. Nr7 |2-1| 30th
36. Nr7 |8-2| 87th
37. Nr7 |7-3| 79th
38. Nr7 |9-1| 111e
39. Nr7 |9-4| 9e
40. Nr7 |8-2| KGL
41. Nr7 |8-2| 13e
42. Nr7 |8-1| 57th
43. Nr7 |7-3| Nr37
45. Nr7 |6-5| 79th
45. Nr7 |10-0| [AA]8th
46. Nr7 |3-2| 44y
47. Nr7 |6-4 | 5th
48. Nr7 |7-3| 16e
49. Nr7 |9-1| 12te
50. Nr7 |7-3| 4e
51. Nr7 |8-2| 30th
52. Nr7 | 9-1| 91st+38e
53. Nr7 | 6-4| 85thKGL
54. Nr7 |10-0|111e
55. Nr7 |7-3| 1er Chass
56. Nr7 |6-4| USMC
57. Nr7 |4-3| 33e
58. Nr7 |9-1| 53e
59. Nr7 |5-1| Nr7
60. Nr7 |6-4| 27th
61. Nr7 |6-5| 8th
62. Nr7 |8-2| 63e
63. Nr7 |8-1| EPG
64. Nr7 |7-3| Nr.9
65. Nr7 |7-3| 10th
66. Nr7 |8-2| Nr.6
67. Nr7 |6-2| 8th
68. Nr7 |10-0| 3rdSS
69. Nr7 |6-4| 9th
70. Nr7 |6-2| 93rd
71. Nr7 |8-2| 1erMarins
72. Nr7 |8-2| 79th
73. Nr7 |7-3| 58e
74. Nr7 |7-3| 1erGren
75. Nr7 |6-4| 34e
76. Nr7 |7-3| MoskovGren
77. Nr7 |8-2| 4th
78-110 Lost in Files. They're there. But DeadEye lost them.
111.Nr7 |7-3| 13thSL
112.Nr7 |7-3| 58th
113.Nr7 |10-0|Nr49
114.Nr7 |3-1| 1stSL
115.Nr7 |9-1| 32e
Defeats: 38
01. Nr7 | 2-8| 1stEPG
02. Nr7 |1-9| 22e
03. Nr7 |1-9| 71st
04. Nr7 |1-9| Nr37
05. Nr7 |4-6| USMC
06. Nr7 |1-9| 22e
07. Nr7 |3-5| 3te
08. Nr7 |3-7| Nr37
09. Nr7 |1-9| 71st
10. Nr7 |5-6| 35th
11. Nr7 |4-6| Nr37
11. Nr7 |2-8| 5th
12. Nr7 |1-9| 71st
13. Nr7 |2-8| 18th
14. Nr7 |4-6| 8teLeib
15. Nr7 |4-6| Nr37
16. Nr7 |2-8| 71st
17. Nr7 |3-7| Nr37
18. Nr7 |3-7| 5th
19. Nr7 |1-9| 18th
20. Nr7 |4-6| Nr37
21. Nr7 |3-7| 71st
22. Nr7 |3-7| 21e
23. Nr7 |3-7| Nr.21
24. Nr7 |0-10| 63e
25. Nr7 |1-4| 79th


38. Nr7 |4-6| 6teSLR
Ties: 8
01. Nr7 |5-5| 35th
02. Nr7 |5-5| 8teLeib
03. Nr7 |5-5| 1erChas
04. Nr7 |5-5| 71st
05. Nr7 |5-5| 16e
06. Nr7 |5-5| 87th
07. Nr7 |5-5| 92nd
08. Nr7 |5-5| 18th

Ranking Structure


Kedett (Kdt) | Recruit
Gemeiner (Gem) | Private
Gefreiter (Gfr) | Private 1st Class
Obergefreiter (OGefr) | Lance Corporal
Korporal (Kpl) | Corporal
Non-Commissioned Officers

Feldwebel (Fw) | Sergeant
Offiziersstellvertreter (Offz) | Sergeant Major
Fahnrich (Fahn) | Ensign

Commissioned Officers

Leutnant (Lt) | Second Lieutenant
OberLeutnant (OLt) | First Lieutenant
Hauptmann (Hptm) | Captain
Major (Maj | Major
OberstLeutnant (ObstLt) | Lt. Colonel
Oberst (Obst) | Colonel

YouTube Videos

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