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Servers / Re: 84e Regiment Public Siege Server [84e_NW_Siege]
« on: April 25, 2013, 11:18:03 pm »
Hey folks!
I know it's pretty low to report people to admins behind their backs, but I (currently [Spartan]Hoplite_Hyperion) told Volt about this trolling-incident earlier on the server and Volt said I should post it on the forums. Unfortunately I don't have any screenshots, but here are the details:
Name: "boobie"
Time/Date: 25 April 2013, probably somewhere between 20:30 and 21:30. No admin was on.
Nature-of-Trolling: As attacking sapper severely trolled the attacking team: On Custom-14 continuously blocked breaches with earthworks, even against other sappers who wanted to undig the blockades. Furthermore blocked the attacker trenches with planks and earthworks. On Custom-13 he - when players on the teamchat reported that the bridge was still intact and everybody should charge it - used the (obviously important) build points to blow up the bridge. When confronted about his behavior, he said something to the effect of "stop destryoing my fun.. you are trying to win the game, stop doing that!".
Other players who saw this were Robertino, Abbie and a number of others who I don't know/recall. But the chat logs should have recorded the event pretty well.
To be fair, I got to mention that people (me included) got very irritated and started verbally and melee-attacking him when he blocked the breaches with earthworks. Like I said, no admin was on and we tried "admin?" several times. Still, teamkilling was admittedly not the best reaction ever, so, sorry about that.
I hope this was the right action, in any case it finally got me to register on this forum and thank you guys for the amazing, amazing server and maps you have running here! 84e Siege is the only reason I'm playing the game :)

p.s. I've been pestering some of the admins in the server about this for a while.. has Custom-19 (Siege of Toulon) been taken off the map rotation? That was such a great map and I believe much more popular than Custom-13. Would be awesome to see more of that one again :)

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