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The Mess Hall / Sports betting?
« on: December 30, 2023, 05:57:55 pm »

Groupfighting Teams / Team Diversity Joins the Competitive Scene
« on: July 03, 2021, 06:24:12 am »
This is team diversity coming at ya live from North America Mount and Blade Napoleonic Wars.
We noticed that the top group fighting teams are made up of only cis gendered white males and very few minorities.
This has to change as the community for Napoleonic wars is much more diverse than that.
More diversity is needed within the top tier of melee teams and tournaments.
We can see this from the top 25 NA all stars league where only 5 of the members of the top 25 are people of color.*citation needed
This is where we come in.


We all know that a more diverse team is a better team as there will be better skills and ideas exchanged due to the difference in cultural back ground.
So why isn't this happening?
That's because of the elitist white supremacist heteronormative model that is the modern Napoleonic Wars competitive scene.
Which is keeping down minorities and BIPOC away from the competitive scene with their bullying and harassment.
We will break the glass ceiling that is keeping BIPOC and LGBTQQIP2SAA players away from the top competitive teams.
Team diversity will show that diversity is the greatest asset ever in any team based game and that every team should invited more BIPOC and LGBTQQIP2SAA members into their ranks

Who we are
We are a up and coming group fighting team that has only one goal in mind, to be the most diverse group fighting team ever in the history of NW.
We don't judge based on race and sexuality.
We welcome all races and sexualities into our group fighting team. (no whites, BIPOC and LGBTQQIP2SAA only)
We Pride ourselves not on our wins but on how diverse our line up is.
We are here to prove that diversity is our greatest strength and that nothing will stand in the way of proving that.

Our motto
Diversity is our greatest strength

Want to join?
Applications into the team are open for members of the Napoleonic Wars community who are of black, indigenous, and other people of color backgrounds and are currently not accepting applicants who are of White/European background.
This is due to historical injustices caused by members who are from such backgrounds.
As members of the BIPOC community the right to claim safe spaces in the public realm where they can share stories about the discrimination they have faced without judgment and intrusion from anyone else. This is a process that only the BIPOC can express and experience. So at this current time we will not be accepting any applicants who are of the white European background. 
White applicants who wish to join the team can instead donate to our socials and support us as we take on the elitist white supremacist heteronormative social model which is damaging the Napoleonic Wars competitive scene.

Anti russianfury team vs pro russianfury team group fight event
hey there do you like this dude called russian fury ?
well heres a chance to show it.
Im hosting a event this friday at 9est.
Feel free to sign up to show your support of Russianfury or your dislike of him.
Their will be two sides pro Russian and anti Russian

This Friday we will try to see how popular our community rep Russianfury is with a group fight in mount and blade warband NW.
Players will be able to sign up for either side of the conflict.
Pro russian as in hes a cool dude or anti Russian where you think hes not that cool of a dude
This event will be held on our server at 9est Friday.

Melee only no swords
Line infantry only, no foot guards
One map one round of first to 10
Ref says GO and start fight
let see who wins to show our support for our CR

Signing up for a side means you will be playing for that side for the whole match.
Which side you will be playing for:
Do you agree to the rules above?:

Thanks yall

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