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No need for that comment Blitz.

Are you in the Discord? There's a help section there. Someone may have had the same issue there.
Thank for mentioning Discord, I didn't know they had an official one, I'll be sure to ask for help there. Thanks a lot!

What seems to be causing the issue? Every time I speak, my voice sounds very staticy like a robot.

Regiments (Game Clans) / Re: 1st New Jersey Volunteer Regiment
« on: June 09, 2022, 04:32:03 am »
If you're looking for a good, disciplined regiment, the 1st New Jersey Volunteer Regiment is your best bet! We have a weekly schedule with a consistent attendance rate of 30 plus and growing!

Come hang out with some of the best people you'll ever see!


Events / Wednesday Night with the 29th
« on: June 01, 2014, 03:52:58 am »
Hello all! Every Wednesday night, we will try to organize an event with a selected mod that the 29th picks. From then on, the poll closes on Monday and the mod will be selected. I'll post the selected mod once the voting is over and we'll have our server switched to that specific mod. If you'd like play with us, tell your leader about it and let us know on this thread.

Big shoutout to a recruit who literally killed half a regiment. Good job!

We beat the shit out of a new enemy today, come join us defeat new foes and triumph over them at the 29th!  8)

29th is serious business for serious people. Beware!

Had an amazing experience as Skirmishers. Come join us today!

We just had a huge siege event today. Every weekend, the 29th participates in a siege event with various other regiments, come join us on the next event!

Our long time African-Canadian friend, Canuck, has been promoted to Lieutenant today. You can get your way to that rank too if you join the 29th today!

Realm6 got promoted to Lance Corporal today. Begin your journey to higher ranks today with the 29th!

Please join our regiment.  :(

Today, Brownell got promoted to Private. Join the 29th to start working on your rank today!

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