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Community / NW_Official_NA1 Mass Pardon
« on: November 11, 2013, 08:16:05 pm »

The NA1 head admins have decided that our facilities have become over crowded, and funding is at an all time low. As such, our prison systems have been cleared and all three thousand plus inmates (with the exception of betty who will remain in solitary confinement) have been released!

In other words, we've cleared our ban list. From this point forward everyone has a clean slate and all offenses will be treated as the first. Most of the banned keys have been on the list for over months. We actually have some bans who have been banned since the first week of launch. Admins will of course still remain diligent during this period, and will not hesitate to return you to the list should your offense deem it necessary.   

I hope you enjoy your time on NA1, and look forward to playing with you again.

Regiments / Kaiserliche-K├Ânigliche Grenadier Battalion Hahn. [NA]
« on: February 13, 2013, 06:50:14 am »
1. Have Fun
2. Every man must have a mustache.
3. Obey all commands given by officers during competitive play.
4. Obey all server rules. (Your leader is a senior admin, all punishments will be double for you.)
5. Show no fear in the face of the enemy, never give up, never surrender.
Major - Mjr
Hauptmann - Hptm (Captain)
Wachtmeister - WM (Sergeant)
Grenadier - Gren(Private)
Rekrut - Rkt (Recruit)

Application Form
In-Game Name:
Previous MM/WM Experience:
Any strengths and weaknesses you might have: (Bad at melee, etc..)

Current Roster

Grenadier_Vranitzky (honorable Hahn)

Inactive Roster


Leader Contact Info
Steam: (will show up as LittleGuy)
FSE Forum name: LittleGuy


Training will be held based on a class system spanning over several sessions. Recruits will graduate to grenadier upon completion of the basic training and most will remain there. Special cases may be promoted further depending on several factors. The Training is as follows.

Day 1: Introduction and basic formations - You will become familiar with the leadership of the regiment and the formations/drill commands that are used during linebattle events.

Day 2: Firing range practice - While we cannot completely compensate for the random factors while shooting, we can help you find your "sweet spot", and maximize your ability to land shots on targets at various ranges. This includes compensating for drop, and aiming for the largest part of the target.

Day 3: Group fighting tactics - The Melee is a big part of any linebattle event. During this period is not uncommon to see many team kills in larger melees. It is our goal to minimize these team kills and turn you in to an important part of our melee wrecking ball.

Day 4: Complex formations/drill - Wheels, turns, anti-cav formations (just in case) and other slightly more complex calls that may be made during events.

Day 5 (optional): Basic survival tips/tricks for public play. Getting you up to speed with the current meta, and teaching how to succeed against all odds. This is not mandatory, but you may find this helpful to bumping the kill death ratio up in public play. Everyone enjoys the game more when they are winning.

Day 5 (Mandatory): Graduation, platoon designation (if numbers allow), and the ceremonial passing of the bullet. (Shoot you and kicking you so you can change your name.)

New recruits will be put through this system. They will have a per-determined amount of time to complete the training, or they will be removed from the roster. Activity is important.

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