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Servers / NWP | Minisiege & EU_Commander
« on: February 02, 2022, 05:00:26 pm »
Nwp was orginally a community supporting public servers on Mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars. But with the pending release of BCoF, NWP plans to move forwards. In the past, upon Holdfasts release, the community moved instantly; but this died in the waters due to lack of uniqueness a server can have. e.g. no map editors, no custom scripts, lack of options, lack of user friendly UI and the fact the Devs sorted their servers above communities. NWP will rebrand, as it stands for "Napoleonic Wars Public", to accomodate this transition, but the name hasn't been decided yet.

The original Minisiege was opened in fall 2014 on NW, outliving all other public server competition, it's presently the most popular siege server on Napoleonic Wars featuring 100+ players daily. It features a dynamic gameplay on small and original siege maps, with many unique scripts such as player map polling and cannon sharing, to mention a few.

Created in Spring 2015, EU_Commander is a long lasting sub community of NWP. Currently the only server featuring class limitations, flag bearers, AI cannon sappers and musicians. The maps are large and realistic, offering challenging tactical battles.

Perhaps NWP will branch out in the future to other game modes, such as conquest, as Minisiege on NW also has the abilities to switch game mode and has unique scripts for conquests. However, in it's current form it only has the capacity to realistically have admins, mappers etc for these 2 gamemodes currently.

Join our Discord here with 1700 fellow NW enjoyers:

I know it looks terrible atm

Regiments (Game Clans) / 1st Alabama Infantry & Cavalry [EU/NA]
« on: January 08, 2019, 06:28:22 pm »
WIP. As close to 1stEB as we could get to be game relatable ;)

A Brief History

The 1st Alabama will be the continuation of a long standing Napoleonic Wars regiment named the "1st Evil Brigade". The 1st Evil Brigade has been going for 4+ years now. Our humble beginnings began on 33rd_NW_Siege, where a group of skilled famous public players and friends came together to form a "clan". This server was once the most well known siege servers in the game at the time, but later began to decline. This decline brought these friends together, and so the 101stEB was born so that all of these players could keep in contact with one another. After becoming a regiment and gaining traction with many players from the Siege servers joining our ranks, the 101stEB decided to merge with the 2e, to form the 2e EU Evil Company within this regiment. As the 2e EU Evil Company swelled in numbers, the fate of the company became what we know today as the "1st Evil Brigade". Currently the attendance in Napoleonic Wars is between 15-25 people in both of our currently standing companies, Line & Cav. With Napoleonic Wars coming to a close, the 1st Evil Brigade will hopefully find it's place in Battle Cry of Freedom, using this name.
     What you Can Expect 

In the 1st Alabama Infantry & Cav you can expect a very relaxed environment with a lot of banter. We are far from serious like much other regiments that were in Napoleonic Wars, so we may seem "Troll" like to others. This isn't the case, as we enjoy a level of discipline during combat, so there will be no loud soundboards, talking or anything else during these scenarios. However, when we're moving across the battlefield we tend to have a lot of banter and memes along the way to keep everyone entertained. With this comes our policy of "nothing is mandatory". We understand people do not want to dedicate their lives to this game, so this means people can come to whichever event they want and with whichever company they want, with no excuses required or anyone chasing them up if they don't want / can't come. This isn't the real army.

Main current contact if you wish to enroll in the future is: Gretel
Current 1st Evil Brigade Teamspeak:

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