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Bello Civili: Egypt [released!]

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Bello Civili - Egypt campaign


Bello Civili: Egypt [v.2]

This version of the installer is completely up to date and requires no patching, download this version!

Link 1)

Link 2)


1) Download the setup file

    1a) If you have played Bello Civili before, make sure you delete your old "Bello Civili" folder, located in your Mount&Blade Warband/Module folder
    1b) run the setup file!

2) Choose your correct Mount&Blade Warband/Module folder. The correct install path would be [...]Mount&Blade Warband/Module/Bello Civili

3) Enjoy the mod!

If you want to play the new version, please join the official server, which runs the updated version!

Official Server
Change log v.2

SpoilerNew features

Added an entire new faction: Ptolemaic Egyptian faction.
Added fire javelins to some units.
Added Praetorian guard unit to Romans.
Added many new Greek helmets, made by Admiral!
Improved the look of Roman auxiliaries.
Added many new maps.
Tons of new props like Pyramids, Palms and more!
Added plebs to Romans.
Added navy captains to Roman marines.
First player legions added.


Reduced agility on all units to reduce "dancing" style combat and encourage formations.
Added weights to armor.
Matched officer speed with that of rankers.
Reduced damage of all bows.
Extremely slight buff to fire arrows to make them at least worth using.
Nerfed kopis damage.
Rescaled commander battle troop numbers, weaker units now get more troops.
Rebalanced Assassins, now the assassin is weak, but his weapon is strong, and it cannot be picked up if dropped, and has a penalty with a shield.
Reduced chance of spear bouncing when stabbing.

Troop list for Ptolemaic Egypt
Ptolemaic spearmen
Ptolemaic swordsmen
Persian swordsmen
Egyptian melee infantry
Egyptian phalanx pikemen
Egyptian javelin skirmishers
Peasant archers
Nubian archers
Eastern spearmen
Nubian spearmen
Karian axemen
Egyptian slingers
Ptolemaic Phalanx pikemen

Egyptian skirmish cavalry
Companion cavalry
Arab camel archers

Ballista Artillery
Nubian Berserker
Naval infantry
Ptolemaic Marines
Ptolemaic Royal guard[close]
SERVER FILES (For server hoster)

Server Files PUBLIC:


I hope the wait for the download link will not be too long!

Awesome, I can't wait to see it!

Nice! Looking forward to the formation fighting =P

All I could think of.



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