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Napoleonic Wars: Mojang Edition Beta 0.9 (22.07.21)

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Did you ever imagine playing Minecraft and be like, dang it would be cool if I had a cool looking NW-Skin as my char since I enjoy playing NW for countless hours and still counting but cannot find satisfaction in Minecraft due to lack of aesthetics.
Well I won't help you with that sadly. Well maybe kinda.But what if we just take Minecraft and shove it somewhere else.... like in Napoleonic Wars for example...Napoleonic Wars - Mojang EditionDesigned, Developed, Textured and Coded by DarthKiller
What you are about to see is highly confidential information that will make your (competitive) eyes bleed like hell.
The most disguisting change someone who plays Groupfights or desires accurate, screaming and screeching NW Melee would ever want.
It is advised that toxic, meta, mentally-challenged or retarded people should close this post immediately as you will be triggered upon viewing below.
I also will face no trial in your mental-disorder causing your NW or Computer to brick itself after releasing this module and you failing to properly install it.

Beta 1.0 Progress:
Overall 95%
Terrain 99%
UI 100%
Optimization 90%
Bugfixes: 60%
New Skins: 50%

- Pixel-Artified NW Weapon-Textures (Weapons scaled from 1024x1024 to 64x64 and back upwards for pixel-like graphics, Meshes were not edited)

- New Character Creation faces in Minecraft-Style with blocky heads, with core Warband Face-Editing Features. Has no Face-Keys so no ugly Grandma with distorted face anymore. (That's why I warned the people above not to get triggered)

- Every Uniform completely redone with Minecraft-Compatible Textures (Just need to be scaled down to 64x64 and editing faces and maybe change hands back without gloves or something idk and you can actually use these in MINECRAFT)

- Hats have been changed to be worn like a party-hat on top of the heads (Not making them look ridiculously huge and saving time on editing each NW-Characters without losing on the uniqueness of every NW-Unit)

- Hats have been retextured with the same principle as explained above with the weapons.

- Some Uniforms have been replaced to my personal-liking. (Feel free to judge. I won't care)

- Minecraft Horses in various colours.

France   [close]UK   [close]Austria   [close]Russia   [close]Prussia   [close]Rhine   [close]

Random Ingame



DownloadsDownload the Alpha if you only want the skins (no effect on terrain and still contains some less finished textures)
Alpha 1.0
Alpha 1.1 Patch

Download the Beta for a full experience including more skins, full UI, Terrain and quite literally everything to be changed.
Beta 0.9 Full
Beta 0.91 Quick-Addon

To Install simply OPEN the .rar file with WinRar or any other applicable application. Navigate to your Mount & Blade Warband Folder. Open Modules. Open Napoleonic Wars. Select All Content in the .rar file in WinRAR. Drag & Drop with mouse that content to an empty space inside your Napoleonic Wars Folder. If after extraction the program asks to replace files you have done atleast something correct. Replace All.
To Uninstall simply investigate local files in steam and wait for it to complete.

I am sorry that this release features maybe some unwanted UI changes that are yet WIP and to be changed. However since so many people pressed me to get their hands on it this is the first, unpolished version.

Known Bugs:- Eyepatch Accessorie for some reason goes over both eyes even though it's not supposed to be.
- Some Textures of the Minecraft-Rescale are still not 100% optimized.[/center]

Dark Sorrow:

it looks amazing

We truly aren't worthy of this.


This will bring NW to old glory and make playercounts rise


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