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3e RIC Saturday AZW historical Event [EU]


Marin pl├ętard:
Hello everyone, welcome on 3e RIC Anglo-Zulu War:Reloaded Historical Event !
This event is on The AZW:Reloaded Mod !
-Every week,the Saturday at 19:00 PM GMT
-Historicals Maps with Linebattle rounds,RP rounds and PvE rounds !
-Reenacment of maps and battles of Zulus wars and boers wars

Rules for PvP
Line infantry : No rambo,FIC,RIC not accepted
Light infantry : No rambo FIC accepted, not RIC,maximum 5 metters of space between mens
Cavalry: Play as dragoon so : You cant reloading and shooting when you move,when less than 2 ,dismount NO RIC,NO FIC
Lancers : Use just melee weapons, only officer can shoot with pistol
No more than 1 engineer by team
Rules for PvE
Line infantry: No rambo , FIC,RIC accepted
Light infantry: No rambo, FIC,RIC accepted ,maximum 5 metter of space between mens
Cavalry: Play as dragoon so:dont turn arround zulus mass, shoot only when you dont move ,RIC accepted, not FIC,dont delay
Lancers: Shoot only when zulus are more than 50meters from you ,when they are less 50meters use melee.
No more than 2 engineers

Minimal attendance for light and cavalry :3
Minimal attendance for lines and lancers:4

Free slots:
-2 Lights infantry
-2 cavalry
-1 lancer
-Lines(not limit number

For join our historical event fill this

Name of regiment :
Type of unit :
Attendance :
Do you come 1 time or weekly ? :

And join this discord server,with all infos !

Hope you enjoy our event !


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