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Red and Blue 1936-1939 Campaign


Red and Blue 1936-1939
The RaB staff has been working in a very interesting project that I’m sure you’ll enjoy 1 year after the  Red and Blue version 3release and New Patch .

This project consists in a persistent SCW campaign where we will get to rewrite history! There will be a detailed map representing the situation of the War since 18 July 1936 with an array of units representing some of it’s real-life counterparts. You will get to play as each of them, decide its movements, strategies and fight their battles to decide the fate of Spain.

This is a tiny thread to present the campaign. Every info and details can be found in Red and Blue Official Discord
To participate:

-Read Rules and Ruleset (posted in channel #info )

For the campaign out-game

* Join Red and Blue Official Discord
* Choose a side (#choose-your-side channel)
* In case there's a free Colonel slot you can apply for it
For the campaign events in-game

* Join Red and Blue Official Discord
* Apply for your regiment or, if it is the case, apply for the free players battalion. (#application channel)

DISCLAIMER: These events will not replace the normal events so don’t worry about that.


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