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Whaddap everyone,

NW modders have a tendency to mod every faction but Austria, which makes sense, because well, let's be real, their uniforms aren't really that interesting. However, I want to spice things up a bit. I've always liked the Austrian Army, maybe it's because I'm Austrian, maybe it's because they had to bear the full front of the french during the early coalition wars (They were even quite successful, considering how bad their training and organization pre Archduke Charles was), I don't know.

Also, Im now taking requests for skins, preferably Austrian Regiments or Units, but eh, I'll do my best at whatever u want.

SpoilerArchduke Charles Legion
Pic[close]Download[close]German Legion
Pic[close]Download[close]Lower Austrian Militia
Pic[close]Trieste Countryside Battalion Sharpshooter company
Pic[close]Archduke Charles Legion Sharpshooter company
SpoilerSzekler Hussars
Pic[close]Galician Cossacks
Pic[close]Staff Dragoons
Spoiler[close]Aciere (Hartschiere) Life Guards
Archduke Charles in Campaign uniform
For most of these I have yet to add a download, but all of them are avaliable in one or more of my Unit Packs.

Unit Packs:

More Diverse Austria

Included-New Hungarian and German Lines
-Archduke Charles Legion
-German Legion
-Trieste Countryside Battalion Sharpshooters
-Galician Cossacks
-Staff Dragoons
-Hartschiere Life Guard
-Field Marshall Archduke Charles


Kaisertum Österreich ++
New Hungarian and German Lines
Archduke Charles Legion
Lower Austrian Landwehr
Archduke Charles Legion Sharpshooters
Szekler Hussars
New Cav Regiments
General in campaign Uniform
Some early Austrians
SpoilerEarly Grenadiers:
Early Line Infantry:[close]

Duke Of LongTree:
looks good


--- Quote from: Duke Of LongTree on March 28, 2019, 05:48:46 pm ---looks good

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Added a seperate download for the Archduke Charles Legion, if I find the time and motivation I'll do the same for the other interesting ones, so Jaegers, Landwehr and Hussars

Nice to see the Bohemian-Moravian legion finally being made


--- Quote from: Dazzer on April 05, 2019, 06:53:28 pm ---Nice to see the Bohemian-Moravian legion finally being made

--- End quote ---
glad you like it my dude


New Schröder Grenadiers in 1797 Uniforms added, also made the thread easier to read


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