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Prussia Enhanced - Final Version!

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Prussia Enhanced
Welcome to Prussia Enhanced! This mod changes every prussian unit ingame. Some reskins may not be historically accurat! The development has reached its final state - I proudly present the final version. Almost everything in this Mod was created by me, this is most definetly not a compilation anymore. This pack doesn´t include the animations and textures shown in the pictures!
Resources usedThe Prussian guard hat is part of Attila the nun´s work.OSPDue to the fact that the guard reskin involves Attilla´s work, the guard reskin wont be OSP. Everything else is hereby marked as OSP and is as such free to use.What does this mod change?This mod includes a closed crosshair. Thanks to John Price for letting me use the closed crosshair he designed for his 18e pack.Some units got renamed (only in the english version of the game).Some sneak peaks:Winter Uniform (Ranker)[close]Winter Uniform (Officer)[close]Landwehr (Ranker)[close]Landwehr (Officer)[close]Freikorps (Ranker)[close]Freikorps (Officer)[close]Grenadier (Ranker)[close]Dragoner (Ranker)[close]Hussar (Officer)[close]Lancer (Ranker)[close]Heavy (Ranker)[close]Arty (Ranker)[close]Arty (Officer)[close]Sapper[close]General[close]DownloadDownload (DropBox)Follow the installation guide provided in the files.
And if you have any questions: feel free to ask! (Just dont ask me)And for spelling mistakes: please blame this guy Nightwing

Good Idea  :D

Ehre hab die Garde Skins schon überall gesucht


--- Quote from: Ж schwrzmlr Ж on March 11, 2019, 05:41:28 pm ---Good Idea  :D

--- End quote ---
You where looking for Prussian Skins right?  ;)

--- Quote from: Wursti on March 11, 2019, 05:51:56 pm ---Ehre hab die Garde Skins schon überall gesucht

--- End quote ---

17tes Infanterie and 5tes Husaren Regiment are not fictional though.
17tes founded under that name a few months before Waterloo:
(though the Uniform is not accurate (patte is yellow not red and lapels were light blue as in the mod but meh. information is for 1816 though so no biggie really.) - is that why you wrote its fictional?)

5tes actually got a uniform card on this resource:
with this one
with some leeway in regard to the officers pants and the red bits. not too far off

so those two are not hist. accurate (though making them wouldn't be that much of a change tho
Oh well I'm saying that while having a routine for texture editing so... maybe its actually more of a change than I want to believe.)

All in all, I like this compilation, (actually forgot where to find the smoke again <3)


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