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Saving AZW

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The mod still isn't dead so either you were wrong about thinking it was dying or you saved it

i am looking to join any AZW events and i can bring a few guys with me.

Hans Volenberg:

--- Quote from: apricotes1 on March 22, 2013, 12:45:19 pm ---Dear AZW community members. Recently,you have probably noticed a sudden decrease in this mods popularity. There is a way to save this mod. You must tell your friends and regiment leaders. Tell everyone you can!

I am personally trying to save AZW by hosting frequent AZW events.

--- End quote ---

My dear man,

The HPC Is trying to setup servers for AZW Reloaded but for some reason the servers wont go online when we uploaded the mod and changed the config around. could you help us out in any way on setting up the servers?

Kind Regards
Hans Volenberg



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