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Dark / Thorn:
Bello Civili Saturday Event

We are proud to present our Event !
The event will start at 19:00 GMT
Sign ups will be made on this forum
We hope you enjoy this event that will take place every Saturday at 20:00 GMT
Pass and server will be given on steam.
Each faction can now apply to participate in the event.

-Regiment Name:
-Expected attendance:
-Leaders /Representatives Steam:
-Once or weekly?:
-Have you read the rules and you won't break them?:

- Legio XI (10-15)
- Legio IV (10-15)
- Legio LIX (10)
- 65thFLB ( 10 )
- Legio X (~7)
- Ascēnsōrēs Martiī (~15)
- Legio II (10-15)
- Legio DI (10-15)
- Legio III (10)
- Legio XII (10)

- Equites Romani (4-8)
- Ascēnsōrēs Martiī ( 8 )

Hello brave warriors, the war is raging within the Roman Empire.
The civil war is wreaking havoc, the factions are waging a terrible war for the conquest of power but it is without counting on the Germanic tribes and the peoples of Africa and Egypt that threaten.
You must now choose who you beat, on the side of Caesar, Pompey? good luck

event rules  "Bello Civili Saturday Event "


-No offensive or abusive player names targeted towards a specific religion,
 state, place, politics ,etc.

-No racial slur towards any player.

-Keep the global chat clear. Officers can use this chat
(slight banter or GG can be allowed to a certain degree).

-No trolling or insulting other regiments.

-Any problems like team killing or insults should be reported to the admin staff
(you may suggest a punishment if the reported person is from your regiment).

-You are not allowed to take action by yourself ( Example: teamkilling ).

-No rambo

-Listen and obey to the admins as they have the final say.


Archers/ projectile infantry:
- Camel archers are forbidden.
- You may take any projectile infantry  1 each 6 infantry man.
(Example: if you have 7 men, one of them may take archer.
If you have 14 men, only two of them are allowed to take archer.
- They must ALL TIME stay with the infantry.

-Must stand if formation till they are near any building or they are in charge.
-You are allowed to take only one  standart-bearer, musician, etc.
-When 3 or less men, they must join another line.


-Only 1 cavalry per team.
-You must have a minimum of 4 men to take cavalry and 8 men as maximum.
-Must stay together untill they are charging
-When 2 or less they must dismmount.

-Is not allowed, except special occasions (they admin will tell you when
 will be this occasions and he will ask who wants to take arty).
In the case you take artillery in one of this special occasions, your men must keep the other unit you have
registred with, so both teams are as balanced as possible.




Good luck.

Regiment Name:Légion XI
-Unit: Infanterie
-Expected attendance: 10+
-Leaders /Representatives Steam:https:
-Once or weekly?: Weekly
-Have you read the rules and you won't break them?: Yes

Jarl Zedize II:
-Regiment Name: Legion IV
-Unit: Inf
-Expected attendance: 10-15
-Leaders /Representatives Steam: *
-Once or weekly?: once if we see the event is good then weekly
-Have you read the rules and you won't break them?: yes i did and i wont break the rules

Dark / Thorn:

--- Quote from: 22e_Maximus on January 23, 2019, 04:02:27 pm ---Regiment Name:Légion XI
-Unit: Infanterie
-Expected attendance: 10+
-Leaders /Representatives Steam:https:
-Once or weekly?: Weekly
-Have you read the rules and you won't break them?: Yes

--- End quote ---

Welcome !


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