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maka CZ:
Hello in this pack are included skins that i had in my PC and skins i have made! Its not 100% accurate!
FRANCELine infantry: 18e Ligne (my skin) [close] Revolutionary infantry (my skin)[close] 2eme Ligne (my skin)[close] Spanish Infantry (my skin)[close]Grenadiers: White grenadier[close] 2e Grenadiers (my skin)[close]Grenadier guard: Winter (my skin)[close]Foreign infantry Winter vistula (my skin)[close] Swiss infantry 1e (my skin)[close] Swiss infantry 3e (my skin)[close] Lombard legion (my skin)[close]Light infantry Line infantry voltigeur (my skin)[close] Tirailleurs (my skin)[close] Spanish voltigeur (my skin)[close]Hussars 4e Hussards (my skin)[close] 5e Hussards (my skin)[close]Lancers Old lancers (my skin)[close]Grenadier a cheval Chasseurs a cheval de la Garde (my skin)[close] Marines Marines de la Garde (my skin) [close] ArtillerySoon![close][close] BRITAINLine infantry 28th Regiment of foot[close] 88th Regiment of foot (my skin)[close] 1st Regiment of foot (my skin)Download soon [close]Foreign infantry Brunswick infantry (my skin)[close] Netherland grenadier (my skin)[close]Foot guard Coldstream guard (my skin)[close]Light infantry KGL light foot[close] 59th Regiment of Light infantry (my skin)[close]Hussars 10th Regiment of Hussars (my skin)[close]Dragons Scots GreysImage soon[close][close] PRUSSIALine infantry Berg infantry (my skin)[close]Line infantry 2 Nr.12 (my skin)[close]Landwehr Pommeranian Landwehr (my skin)[close]Guard Infanterie-regiment Nr.10 (my skin)Download soon [close]Lancers Towarczys (my skin)[close]Cuirassiers 1806 version[close][close] RUSSIAMusketeers Moscow musketeers (my skin)[close]Grenadiers Pavlov winter[close]Hussars Pavlograd hussars (my skin)[close][close] AUSTRIAGerman infantry Nr.47 (my skin)[close]Grenadiers German grenadiers (my skin)[close]Grenzers Landwehr (my skin)[close]Jaegers Salzburger schutzen (my skin)[close][close] How to use it Just extract files to your NW folder. Please make copy of your module document. [close]
OLD RESKINSPackSpoiler57e Régiment d'Infanterie Ligne 'les Terribles'
SpoilerRankerSpoiler[close]OfficerSpoiler[close][close]18e Régiment d'Infanterie Ligne 'les Braves'SpoilerRanker Spoiler[close]OfficerSpoiler[close]MusicianSpoiler[close][close]3eme Régiment d'Infanterie SuisseSpoilerRankerSpoiler[close]OfficerSpoiler[close][close]9e Régiment d'Infanterie LegereSpoilerRankerSpoiler[close]OfficerSpoiler[close][close]7e Régiment de Chevaux-légers LanciersSpoiler[close]Download link: [close]2e Régiment de Grenadiers à pied (Will replace old guard)[close]FlagmanSpoiler[close]OfficerSpoiler[close][close]Marines de la Garde - Spoiler[close]Legion de la Vistule -[close]OfficerSpoiler[close]Winter -[close][close]Chasseur a Cheval de la Garde -[close]OfficerSpoiler[close][close]PackSpoilerInfanterie-Regiment Nr.4 DeutschmeisterSpoiler[close]Erzherzog Karl LegionSpoilerRankerSpoiler[close]OfficerSpoiler[close][close]LandwehrSpoiler[close]Salzburger SchutzenSpoilerRankerSpoiler photo hosting[close]OfficerSpoiler img safe[close][close]Download link: - just extract [close]Infanterie-Regiment Nr.47SpoilerRankerSpoiler[close]OfficerSpoiler[close][close]Infanterie-Regiment Nr.33SpoilerRankerSpoiler[close]OfficerSpoiler[close][close]Grendier officerSpoiler[close]Download link:
Helmets for infantry:
88th Regiment of foot -
[close]OfficerSpoiler[close]MusicianSpoiler[close][close]Portuguese infantry -
Spoiler[close]Towarczys -

Duke Of LongTree:
very cool very nice

If i were you I'd use better graphics settings for the screenshots

Any way you separate the skins? I'd only like to download the Austrian Landwehr skin

maka CZ:
I hope it will be OK.


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